Wang Ziwen worked hard every day as a Korean practicing students crying

South Korea Wang Ziwen day hit series

fenghuangyule· 2016-07-17 15:49:47

Wang Ziwen on the program to admit when South Korean trainee

Phoenix Entertainment News recently, because Wang Ziwen in the hit series "Ode to joy" as dare to love and hate, weird "Xiao Xiao Qu" angle and concern. Who knows, she participated in the impressive acting "crossover singer" singing is good. In July 16th, Wang Ziwen in the program to explode, the early years he travelled to South Korea, as the training time for half a year.

Wang Ziwen recalls when the trainee cried every day

Wang Ziwen said the practice almost no time to rest from early eight to early morning training. "Crying every day," said Wang Ziwen, "but for me, I will do the business in the future. In this regard, users have love, said: "in South Korea when a star is not easy", "South Korean idol competitive power, can survive well, do not come out really very bitter, their youth ah".

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