Since childhood is the acting school! Jiang Xin forwarded childhood crying scene stills

Jiang Xin stills crying acting

fenghuangyule· 2016-07-17 15:50:58

net exposure Jiang Xin childhood still

Phoenix Entertainment News on July 16th, Jiang Xin forwarded a group of his childhood in film and television drama stills. At that time Jiang Xin green and lovely, but show my tears natural facial expression, already can see outstanding acting.

in the photo, Jiang Xin cried, cried tears arouses pity. In this regard, netizens have said: "as a child crying scene is so amazing," from small to large, from the full acting "," Yan began in value in talent, loyal to the character, Jiang Xin the best in the world". Class= img_box "

Jiang Xin (data map)

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