The show's just fire was off the shelf, why?

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weizai· 2016-07-17 15:51:35

two days before the king on the micro-blog recommend a variety show, instantly on the hot search. Class=

"content_img_p" Tucao conference? And the United States Tucao meeting? Zhou Jie and snow aunt can have what spark?

with a curious mind to look at, even good, although a little embarrassed, but still contribute a lot of "ha ha ha".

but did not expect, not yet three days, this program has been under the shelf. Class= img_box "

we have speculated that the program is because of the dirt, but this reason I am not satisfied. Because the monstrous for our force network environment, this is simply not what!

below to give you a look at how this program is like, in the end dirt...

program at the beginning, the host Wang Zijian introduced this program is why. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" simply, this program is curse. Who is calling, is those who recruit black stars.

in the first phase, was scolded is a bunch of negative black material Zhou Jie. Before we wrote a living in the face of the package outside of Zhou Jie, watching the show basically firmer before the point of view. But today, the focus is not Zhou Jie, or Tucao conference.

in the host after the opening, a public network red have played, immediately entered the black and black links.

the first game is a good friend of Wang Zijian. About the program group also know no comparison with the United States "Tucao Congress" so he went black, the entire program to the self black spirit at the program, I favor a sudden surge. Class= img_box "='>


Shi Hang the first black Zhou Jie entertainment no friends:

and Zhang Quandan and a black Zhou Jie incident:

the more deep black pool Zhou Jie said, "we play the rest (expression package)":

that spot where? In fact, the whole program is a large scale place on the three. Don't stop me, I'm going to start!

one is for snow Yi, 95, said to the snow aunt "hit XX" is equal to the.

Xueyi counterattack very awesome, she said the little friends, you have to be careful not to lose.

also contributed a Huang Duanzi: "img_box

" in the snow with the yellow aunt piece, immediately promoted to the female version of Fei Yuqing.

is said to have a full version of the more yellow and more violent content, but they were deleted before the shelves. But even so, this program or because of "vulgar" content is immediately shelves.

this is not the first time the General Administration of the next network program. Like before the wonderful said, a two period, the Crown Princess promotion, addictive what, even the Papi sauce video also been rectification under the shelf.

so what is the reaction to the show off?

has a feeling of pity. Class= img_box "

" have felt that although the pollution but the positive energy. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" have fear of the art people play up the. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" is suspected of this program is not educated.

, in fact, in order to verify how much the scale of the program, I also went to see the U.S. version of "Tucao conference". Look at the stars called Justin Bibb, did not think of, not only more and more sharp yellow, also filled with a variety of politically incorrect personal

... Class= img_box "

simply dirty hot eyes! Class= img_box "

racial discrimination is also taken from the black.

although there is indeed less than the domestic Tucao conference version more poison tongue, sharp, but much more Chinese humor, not to mention the many embarrassing reality show and talk show bottom, this show enough a bright eyes.

as the show's final guest himself said, very looking forward to some people to accept criticism. Such as the article, ah, Chen Hea, Huang Zitao, ah what. (think it is very busy) class=

so even if there is a tendency to wash the white I think it does not matter. Anyway, do not like the or will not like, Tucao not die, and each other to be happy ah.

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The show's just fire was off the shelf, why?

The show's just fire was off the shelf, why?