Liu Zuohu exposed one plus 3: top with flagship

Anniversary flagship screen Rom

anzhuozhongguo· 2016-04-21 20:22:48

Android China April 22nd news, this morning, Liu Zuohu released a long micro-blog, called "this is the best of times, as long as you still love". Tomorrow is the anniversary of the release of the two anniversary of the release of a mobile phone. As the year let one plus a gun and red generation hero, and CEO Liu zuohu natural to say something, and carefully read this long micro Bo will be found, which contains the amount of information can be really not small.

Tutu used to sneak a suspected one plus three phone configuration, display configuration 820 Qualcomm snapdragon processor, 4GB of ram + 32 GB ROM storage combination, 1080p resolution screen, 800 million + 1600 million camera, running an Android system 6.0.1. According to Tutu broke the configuration, although configuration has indeed belongs to the high level, but relative to the current market existing Android phones, this configuration is very difficult with on top with a word. < p > but liuzuo Hu as a has always been strict, with "with" top also used in the "Jedi" such words, so full of self-confidence, visible before Bunny this configuration is not necessarily true, or just a plus 3 the middle of a program only, at the appointed time really to meet with the user a plus 3 configuration may far exceed now see this. < p class = "img box" id = "ID Id_imagebox_2 2" style = "" ='>

as plus a mobile phone, the founder of CEO -- Liu zuohu, in this long micro Bo showed for fans of gratitude and joy, but also to can not satisfy the fans expect the guilty. But whether it is a fan of encouragement or criticism, Liu Zuohu has clearly understood, and strive to do a good job, you can see that for Liu Zuohu, fans of the heart is a very heavy weight.

allows the product to speak, one plus 3 what will happen? Looking at such a confident Liu Zuohu, we might as well as he said, "sit and help steady, hard look forward to one plus 3" bar!

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