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Circle of friends last night night

many students are the test chart of the scraper, just enter the name and date of birth, will be able to create your character label. But the hot only lasted a short night, this morning, the public number and because of the "share" is WeChat to limit the function. Protagonist Platon APP overnight fame and was sealed, behind the show is WeChat's terrible or terrible human nature?

WeChat: WeChat platform subscription number more than half a circle of friends

the activities of the protagonist "Platon APP" is said to have 2 million fans jumped overnight, the 5 million have said, some even say 10 million. I see this number is sealed by reading the early breaks to 100 thousand +, the comments below the point of praise has exceeded 3w+. Chicken soup and spree 3 million + microphone Mongolia, fans, each of the highest point of praise is around 20 thousand. So can be initially determined, the deadline was closed before the total amount of fans to reach 2 million basically credible.

and this number in addition to this article before the history of the article, at 9 last night to see a reading of only 500600. According to the open rate of 5%, before the number of fans should not exceed 10 thousand. So the net 2 million judgment is true. As for the

maxed circle of friends that I had to use a rough view, when you are in the line of two or three laws, all sectors are sharing this, basically broke the circle of friends. The author of the circle of friends to share most of the 123, 90 after the 80 line city, so basically belong to brush a half circle of friends.

APP store: the rise of hundreds of

of course, for social software, everything is not to pull the APP downloads for the purpose of marketing activities are playing rogue. A great amount of exposure depends on WeChat activities, Platon APP has app store in social networking (free) list from outside the top 150 jumped to 25. Why is

sealed? Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" on why was sealed, WeChat here is the reason to share. Many students reflect in addition to share the picture in the two-dimensional code, enter the test page is not forced to pay attention to share and other acts. In fact, WeChat in July last year to remind the test class activities on the announcement. The reason is not to affect the experience of circle of friends.

but the side of the test game, still face every day. Why the "Platon APP" will be in the gun? The reason is nothing more than "banging heads". In fact, last year, the Tencent on the rectification of a number of new year's test, it is said that some of the number of the 600 thousand fans are all cleared. Platon affected more, naturally became a benchmark of the Tencent.

why can fire

from pure creativity, this is not a novelty. Why

can get such good communication effect (1) test contents of

starting from about the constellation, let friends know your character label, for their own voice to find a sense of presence and self proclaimed. From the angle of human nature, in line with the basic laws of communication.

and the label content, from the language to the recently popular, funny than style. The author hypothesized that the test result has nothing to do with the name, and is related with the date of birth. By manually extracting the 365 day born person's character label to be polished. Which also set the one or two is surprising to increase the topic of.


in the previous version of the propagation path, and a first edition of Platon into the test group. Stressed that only after the public to play, which will undoubtedly increase the time cost and play the threshold. And set the two-dimensional code directly into the generation page more directly, by the way can pay attention to the public number. Will be subject to a number of topics.

WeChat "younger" of the anxiety

from the limitations of personality testing, to ban easy to car price comparison software. I believe that WeChat in the implementation of the user does not harass the user, there are still some of the anxiety.

(1) of the fairness of the torture

previously easy to the Zhou hang sound, said WeChat for easy to seize the link, and then to the previous Uber all accounts are blocked. The drops seem to "lenient" by the outside question. The test class H5

on the other hand, similar to this, in fact, still emerge in an endless stream on the WeChat platform, but not all sealed, is still not too small to catch big catch, there are still a lot of marketing, will rush into danger, poise. How

even keeled, then WeChat is facing a big test.

(2) the test of the younger

flagship acquaintance social WeChat was born has been 6 years, the circle of friends has been 4 years. WeChat's philosophy has been less is more. But WeChat is currently a social software as a "black hole", from the functional iteration is more emphasis on large and full platform, involving the city's intelligent life and so on. But purely social function, WeChat has basically stabilized, in addition to the beginning of the red photos, there is no big bright spot. And we want to give the demand so you can see similar to the world without end, the circle of friends name into small, XXX@ you and kiss you once, this small bug is everyone awfully.

on the other hand from the circle of friends for the crowd, because WeChat's black hole, before the chain like everyone this semi human relationship is part of the transfer to WeChat, but rare earth social demand still exists. So similar to the personality test can arouse everyone's emotions, although in everyone, QQ space is played rotten, still can erupt in WeChat second spring.

for WeChat, how to make this "fat" can also be flexible, but also need to continue to explore. Of course, for this test, you are happy, then go to sleep.

"to grow into a new species, you have to experience all the roles you will not play again. "-- Kevin ·" out of control "

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