China level meters manned submersible ship arrived in the South China Sea

South China Sea ten thousand meters China Lander

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of China's manned submersible level meters expedition ship "Zhang Jian" No. 17, arrived in the South China Sea targets. Global network

Xinhua news agency, "Zhang Jian", July 17th news, China's manned submersible level meters expedition ship "Zhang Jian" No. 17 goal arrived in the South China Sea, began a number of test equipment and scientific investigation of deep-sea expedition.

the vast and beautiful sunshine, the South China Sea in smooth water; the blue sea boundless sky, clouds drooping; blue sky, "Zhang Jian", the five-star red flag fluttering in the wind, very bright. The target area is located 21 degrees north latitude, 118 degrees east longitude, the depths of 2598 meters. According to

, "Zhang Jian, chief engineer Shi Yugang introduced the first set foot on ocean voyage" Zhang Jian ", since July 12th from the Shanghai port set sail since the ship engine room equipment be fully tested, and sailed smoothly. "Zhang Jian" has two hosts, two auxiliary machines, the host power is 2380 kW and 1103 kW, 750 kW auxiliary power. In addition there are 1600 kilowatts of shaft with a generator, the use of large engine starting when the tail shaft rotation principle to generate electricity, very energy saving.

, as a professional deep scientific expedition ship, "Zhang Hao" on the loading of a variety of types of scientific investigation equipment. Since the sail, various types of winches, tail A type hanger, auxiliary telescopic deck crane, crane, midship starboard L type hanger expedition equipment installed on the ship, and all the sea depth of strata section system, shipboard acoustic Doppler profiler, ultra short baseline underwater optical fiber system, motion sensor acoustic survey acoustic positioning system equipment have been tested, in the process of navigation. The deep sea detection in the South China Sea is mainly aimed at the high water depth requirements of the whole sea deep multi beam sounding system".

currently, Shanghai Ocean University science and technology center has completed the abyss of a "Rainbow Fish" on the lander level meters, the lander has been put into "Zhang Jian" voyage expedition. In order to let "Zhang Jian" on the operating personnel as soon as possible to master level meters lander of the distribution and recovery operations in 16, went to the South China Sea on the way, researchers have conducted training center of the abyss and demonstration, in the South China Sea will again level meters deep-sea lander deployment and recovery drill, and shoot and macro biological sampling operation in the South China sea.

is developing the "Rainbow Fish" level meters unmanned submersible hybrid unmanned submersibles, will set up a relay station system in 7000 meters deep in the ocean, let the submersible body with a micro fiber relay station. Hu Yong, deputy director of the abyss science and technology center of Shanghai Ocean University, led the research team, but also in the South China Sea to carry out the function of the sea area relay station system test. This sea

"Zhang Jian" arrives, a cold zone for the first time in China in 2013 and found that the dragon is not far. "Zhang Jian", the researchers will also use the sediment gravity sampler, box type sampler, CTD equipment expedition collected samples of the South China Sea sediments, macro biology, microbial deep-sea scientific investigation.

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