Nintendo feelings machine to confirm only 30 games can not be more

Nintendo feelings only more

weifengwang· 2016-07-17 23:51:46

not long ago, Nintendo officially announced the new game will start its not NX, but the classic eight bit version of NES Mini. What kind of a game machine is this? Nintendo brought us more details not long ago.

NES mini, one of the largest tank is it just built in 30 games, although the "super Mario", "soldiers", "the Milky Way diamond", "legend" is a classic Zelda plug, but the number of some really less. Because of this, the players guess Mini NES will be able to download the game through the network, so that the game library in the device more and more rich.

make people sad is that the actual situation is not the case.

Nintendo North America, North America confirmed to the media, mini NES will be completely independent of a game machine. It does not support network connections, nor does it support external storage devices. "The game lineup through the fine selection, can provide a variety of experience and the very recognition of the NES content, in order to attract different types of the majority of players. All people should be able to find a variety of their favorite game. Nintendo says.

in other words, the mini NES in the 30 games have been fixed, and later may not be changed. Nintendo has no intention to re operate this platform, everything is just for the feelings of the two words.

is part of a game player to know, Nintendo has no plans to launch a mini version of the classic game machine, such as SNES mini (super Nintendo, also known as "Super Nintendo"). At least for now, the answer is no, Nintendo is likely to be the first to observe the sales of mini NES after making a decision. Mini

NES full name is very long: Classic Mini:Nintendo Entertainment System Nintendo. The game will be available for sale in November 11th, priced at $59.99. The mini NES handle is compatible with Nintendo's upper generation and host of this generation, i.e., Wii and U Wii. Buy NES Mini comes with a handle, if you want second only need to pay $9.99.

we do not know what is the purpose of Nintendo launched Mini NES, but the players do not seem to have a lot of resistance. Some net friends said, compared to Scorpio Xbox and Neo PS4, mini NES's launch instead let the players are excited. Taking into account the feelings of strength, not only to the people lamented the deep accumulation of Nintendo in the game industry. In this way, the wizard can be a dream Go dream of the world is completely understandable.

need to pay attention to is that the mini NES package includes a HDMI video line and a USB line. We originally thought that it only needs a USB line to achieve power supply, but after Nintendo confirmed that mini NES also need a power adapter. Because the latter is not included in the box, the player needs to prepare a special power adapter for himself.

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