Samir let Greentown speed, Jin Huaxin home court bursting! Take 1 points is also very high~

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tiantianqiuyouhui· 2016-07-18 00:38:36

in today's Super League, Hangzhou Greentown in Shijiazhuang the Yongchang game, has a special significance!

because the game is not only the of Jinhua as the first super game for Hangzhou Greentown home court, the team of foreign aid Cahill and Samir also completed the handover in this game. Samir has a quite brisk appearance, Cahill also completed a curtain call fans in the audience applause.

but the game in the final two 0:0 goalless draw, this result is slightly dull, Greentown also ended a three game winning streak.

Samir for the team significantly accelerated
the game attendance of nearly 16 thousand people.

according to Greentown coach Hong Mingfu said: "

atmosphere so, gave the players a lot of strength."

at the scene, the reporter also can feel the nearly 16 thousand fans bring the power, not only in the second half of the match, they are cheered for Hangzhou greentown!

, when the team corner kick, kick, kick off the fans a burst of sound also provocative.


the home court atmosphere, for home court operations in Hangzhou Greentown has incentive effect, a direct competitor face relegation Shijiazhuang Yongchang, Hangzhou Greentown occupy the advantage in the game, " only but it is hard to tear Shijiazhuang intensive defense to create opportunities. />

this situation until Samir's play has changed.


in the game only played more than and 30 minutes off the bench, but as Hong Mingfu commented after the game :

in his back off the ball after a long-distance road to Shijiazhuang area, by virtue of the ability of individuals connected over three scenes to win the fans applauded again and again, the ability of former Jiangsu sainty thigh accentuates.


unfortunately, unlike Samir gabbioneta. And Ramon has been with the tacit understanding, get a pass is not much, the game basically still rely on their own to create opportunities.



Samir and the team not only need to continue running, the team will do as soon as possible from the Hong Mingfu winning goal not to draw out as soon as possible, because next Wednesday they will go away to Shandong

" has no several days, we must quickly forget the game, ready for the next game luneng."

; "when Jinhua play to determine the home court in Hangzhou Greentown, Cahill should be the loudest reputation in the team players, just yesterday before the start of the game, and the uninformed people ask:" max-width: !" Cahill featured in the game?" />


, but half a season, Cahill has been the team fans and Greentown out feelings, he was rushed to the Jinhua home court, just before he was still wearing the team training service, and his teammates together. />


due to its popularity in Jinhua, Cahill appeared on the podium caused a small commotion, photo, signature, as the background plate fans self, crammed with Cahill enthusiasm to meet the demands of everyone.


after the habit of players around the stadium Xie field, although there is no Cahill in his usual wearing Jersey No. 17, but is still walking in the back of the team, not only to the fans, also using a mobile phone to record these fans always support him smiling face. The end of the

, after he and coach Hong Mingfu hold together, Hong Mingfu later told reporters that they embrace chat content,

and Cahill said to China fans whether the Shenhua fans still Greentown fans are impressed at the same time, also revealed his plans for the future:

< blockquote style= white-space: normal color:; RGB (62, 62, 62); max-width: 100% important; box-sizing:! Border-box! Important word-wrap: break-word; important! Style= "min-height:" >" then there may be back to China, but may not be the identity of the players."

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