How to ease the baby "growth pain"?

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influenced by folk traditions, some women in the month to brush the teeth, especially in late pregnancy gingivitis were afraid of teeth suffered damage, loosening or shedding of early days after. Is that so? Should the mother brush your teeth?

determine the baby is "growth pain", unless it is a pain to can not stand, the doctor will prescribe some pain killers, most cases of growth is not need special treatment of pain.

but there are some ways to ease the pain, parents may wish to know:

1. transfer attention

transfer attention is to allow the baby to ignore the pain of effective methods. Mom and dad can tell stories, play games, play with toys, cartoons and other methods to attract baby. Treat the baby to be more gentle and considerate than usual, because the parents to encourage and support the spirit of the child is the most important analgesic recipe, and sometimes even more effective than drugs.

2. local hot compress, massage

mom and dad can use hot towel massage or hot compress on baby pain, it can ease the tension in children, so as to relieve the discomfort of the pain. We must pay attention to massage, kneading intensity. Let the baby under the gentle touch to fall asleep.

3. less strenuous exercise

growth pain is not a disease, do not need to limit the movement of the baby, but if the pain is better, should pay attention to let the baby a lot of rest, let the muscles relax, not to strenuous activity.

4. supplement nutrient

should let Bao Baoduo intake can promote the growth of cartilage tissue nutrients, such as milk, bones, walnuts, eggs, contain elastic protein and collagen protein. And vitamin C is beneficial to the synthesis of collagen, you can let your baby eat more VC rich vegetables and fruits, such as vegetables, Chinese cabbage, spinach, citrus, grapefruit and so on. Source:

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