The driver was so careless iPhone fell out of the way.

IPhone truck driver express

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7 box apple iPhone phone, the same color of the Plus 6S model, 64G, 10 per box, a total value of more than 46 yuan.

happened in July 15, 2016 9 pm, Pingyao station received the alarm when the driver Hu has more than 10 points.

master Hu said, their morning from Yuhang Pingyao Bridge Road No. 99 hypermarkets of a good Tesco, goods, open out two or three kilometers, blocking the rearview mirror open door was found. found that the van door was open! Quickly pull over to see! A whole car of digital products, has been less than the tip of the iceberg.

through the inventory, less than 7 cases of iPhone mobile phones, 1 HUAWEI phones, the value of at least 460 thousand yuan more than.

their parking place is the new 104 National Road, Wu Shan Road intersection, the specific driving time can not say, can only speculate about 8:50.

drivers said angrily: when the car door, where the hustle, opened the door and stole the mobile phone?

is not the hustle, really want to make a question mark.

Pingyao police station Zhu Liliang received the alarm, immediately call the police station integrated service room to mobilize manpower to find the lost mobile phone together, and began to help the driver two detailed inquiries, the drive through which roads? What kind of route is going? According to the

driver told him to look at the map on the mobile phone software, starting from the bridge road, after Xiang Peng line, Huaxing Road, New Road 104 … … although the road is very short, but turn a few bends! The police knew the 3run.

police station to check and monitor is not so easy, along the way to monitor the units have to ask a question. But the police judge

Xiaozhu saves all the time -- he ah, monitoring to find traffic lights at the crossroads.

really gave him right! This car was the red van to go out after the intersection of Huaxing Road and the new Kiln Road, encountered a red light, stop. started, the car behind the roll to roll down three!

under a traffic light intersection, Huaxing Road and Feng Xi Road, red truck stop, start, after the car and rolled out four boxes.

see the monitor, two truck drivers have gone with the red car.

ah, it really is you forgot to lock the door?

flying thief? No … … after all, it took two or three minutes of time!

the sun shining white sun ah, people can hardly keep my eyes open, walk a few steps, the body can feel the sweat from the skin through the same as the river.

police love to, and they have no way, the responsibility lies, together to go out to help the two careless drivers to find a mobile phone to go.

left the police continue to monitor the search, there is no one picked up the phone?

really see, the two batch of boxes have been picked up, put on their own car, but also stood on the roadside waiting for a while! However, did not see the owner came, picked up the mobile phone also drove away, still have to continue to seek their whereabouts!

finally, look at the monitoring of police officers in the town of Pingyao Huaxing Road "rankian Chinese side, found three boxes of the mobile phone take this car blue disabled car.

before they start, a middle-aged man walked into the Pingyao police station, "there is no one lost something to find ah? "

is so clever? All of us stared in surprise.

also did not have time to eat lunch 3Run police quickly said: "there are! "

the disabled car master called Sun Qijin. He said, picked up three boxes of iPhone mobile phone.

Sun said the master and the police on the monitor to see the same. He said: I saw the truck down the box, afraid of passing cars crush it, then I moved to the disabled car on the roadside, I waited a while no one come, I will go to pick up my daughter from school. Now the child has had a nap, I went to the police station to ask to see.

sun teacher is very shy, the cargo box to the police station in a release, the registration of identity information, and fled as fast as you go.

3Run police and everyone was very happy, but also full of confidence for the next! According to the

monitoring showed that the remaining four mobile phone box, was also a man riding a tricycle away, all the way up to the town of Pingyao colorful mall. The police took the 3Run patrol team immediately rushed to, ask, this car is near a tobacco store owner.

small boss named Lv Jianjun, he saw the police to ask, he said: "just! Save me a trip! He said, after delivery through the intersection, saw a lot of cars to avoid these boxes in the car, dangerous, he first moved to the side of the road. Because of urgent delivery, he thought about leaving things in the side of the road is not assured, the first put on his own car to go. Lu boss also guess the logistics and courier companies are mostly lost goods, think about the total number of tags on the box ah phone numbers and the like, I did not expect to send a look, there are no signs on these boxes. He is planning to go to the police that afternoon, when the work of these boxes to the police, the police station has come to the door.

said, a few days ah, 460 thousand yuan mobile phone stolen logistics company, may be home to thank the two well intentioned people do it. Master Sun Qijin, Lv Jianjun boss, and Pingyao police and auxiliary police on duty in July 15th, you can be really for the people of Yuhang, Hangzhou, Zhejiang people have added luster.

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