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July 13th, Qianjiang crayfish Trading Center staff are on the size sorting of crayfish.

July 15th, Huangpi District Six Street East Lake village looks like a world of waters.

"800 acres of shrimp ponds were flooded, crayfish are gone, loss of over 1 million yuan. "In July 15th, the breeding households in Huangpi, Cai Guotao, Wuhan District, East Lake City, the six finger street, village gourd mud home bay a shrimp pond, reluctantly told the Yangtze River daily reporter.

on the same day, in the Hubei province flood control and flood relief news conference, deputy director of Hubei Provincial Bureau of Fisheries Office of the Wang Yong report, as of July 14th, the province's total of 3 million 944 thousand and 800 acres of aquaculture water were affected, including 328 thousand and 300 tons, 39 thousand and 700 tons of fish crayfish aquaculture, the direct economic loss of 6 billion 317 million yuan. Recently, Changjiang Daily reporter went to Huangpi, Yangxin, Qianjiang, visited the crayfish damage.

Huangpi: farmers 800 acres of shrimp ponds were flooded, 7 lost millions of

7 on the night of 15 November, Changjiang Daily reporter with Cai Guotao sitting can only accommodate three people in the boat, traveling in the East Lake village of mud Bay more than 3 thousand acres of water hyacinth hill. The boat is Cai Guotao's brother in law Li Dabing, his 6 metre pole into the water under a pole inserted, only less than 2 meters in the water. Cai Guotao said that this is not the deepest water, most of the depths of more than 6 meters. Cai Guotao introduced last month here is surrounded by protective net of each household of different size shrimp pond, fish pond, lotus pond and vegetable.

in this area has 2180 acres of pond Cai Guotao, is the largest of the farmers. Looking at the front of a "sea", Cai Guotao repeatedly lamented: "800 acres, 500 acres of shrimp crab, 300 acres Outang, vegetable, thousands of chickens, ducks and geese … … this year's harvest is gone. "

2015, the children and grandchildren, nearly 60 year old old man founded Chua's manor in Wuhan company. Sitting on the boat, looked originally not water, but Cai Guotao still pointing to different areas told reporters, the following is the long ripe watermelon, this is a large breeding crayfish, there are lotus root, far have different fish … …

boat to Cai Guotao's home, on the exterior wall of clear water trace records once the water level, almost no window top, "which also back a lot of tianshui. "

" at that time, half an hour of water will be able to rise 1 meters. "Cai Guotao recalls the storm in July 2nd," more than 1 thousand and 500 chickens, and finally only rescued more than and 30. In addition to the clothes, wallet, mobile phone, all have a didn't take, only the first customer. "In this waters of life for more than 30 years of Cai Guotao emotion, never met such a big water.

Cai Guotao estimates that 2180 acres of ponds, not shrimp, fish and aquaculture investment, reconstruction of infrastructure will only spend 2 million yuan. Cai Guotao last year, 300 acres of shrimp ponds, sold more than 30 thousand pounds, and this year 800 acres of shrimp ponds in June before selling 10 thousand pounds, only the loss of shrimp this year, over one million yuan. But he also fortunate, but fortunately, the density is not high, the investment is not, otherwise the loss is more heavy. In addition, Cai Guotao this year can receive more than 20 thousand pounds this year crabs, crops, poultry or fish goose is all run away, all the loss of more than 6 million yuan.

at present, the Cai Guotao family lived in the 90 year old parents home, every day at two or three pm, Cai Guotao also paddled the boat with searchlights to pond fishing shrimp to sell. "Can save a bit is a bit, after the disaster and reconstruction, life will continue. Said Cai Guotao.

Yangxin: 730 acres of shrimp all night "run" light

two successive torrential rain led to three town Yangxin County village of more than 5 people were affected, in this storm, Yangxin County three Xi Zhen Heng village villager Chen Jian 730 acres of shrimp ponds were flooded.

at the beginning of this year, Chen Jian and 5 other workers in the field of migrant workers in Hengshan County, Yangxin province established a sincere eco farming cooperatives, a total investment of 3 million yuan. In May this year, rice shrimp breeding base of freshwater shrimp have emerged, sold to Wuhan, across Jiangxi, Nissan amounted to more than a thousand pounds or more. According to this scale, Chen Jian this year's investment can be returned to the.

but the storm struck, the rescue of the shrimp pond is not urgent overnight became a "ocean", even the local villagers are also very sorry to mention.

Qianjiang: loss of aquatic products 580 tons, accounting for more than 9 crayfish

7 12, Changjiang Daily reporters in Qianjiang high field breeding base song master home to see the water, shrimp ponds in the previous month increased, but did not diffuse dike.

in the city of Qianjiang, another large scale farming Jiyu Town, is also very calm. In the Ji Yu Kou Zhen Dong Dian Cun road, on both sides of the corn in the field up, the vast expanse of the rice swaying in the breeze. Liu Mingqiang in Dong Dian Cun 3 groups with 1000 acres of crawfish breeding base, and the establishment of ecological agriculture company professional. In his pond, there is not only a shrimp rice farming model, but also a fine feed model. Liu Mingqiang told reporters, rice shrimp farming basically does not diffuse pond, rice has a strong water storage function. Even if the sperm is raised, there are good protective measures to prevent escape. In the

interview in Qianjiang, a local insider said, Qianjiang city large-scale shrimp base facilities are relatively perfect, but the surrounding area of the retail crayfish farming farther affected may be more serious.

Changjiang Daily reporter called Qianjiang City Fisheries Bureau, the Bureau of industry division is responsible for the week and confirmed that this year Qianjiang city large-scale crayfish breeding base basically no damage, but because of the water near the River Zhang Jin Zhen 2 - 3 meters above the ground, to prevent dike and flood affected 200 acres of artificial, shrimp rice.

from the Hubei Fisheries Bureau official said that as of July 13th, Qianjiang city aquaculture affected area of 43057 acres, of which fishpond diffuse pool affected area of 1625 mu, shrimp rice farming diffuse field affected area of 41432 acres; loss of aquatic products 580 tons, including 540 tons of crayfish. The average price per kilogram last month

crayfish rose 2 - 3 yuan

from crayfish escape and salvage is not easy to transport caused by heavy rains, crayfish there is a floating price. Due to heavy rains, stopped operating in Wuhan baisazhou agricultural largest market from July 6th to July 14th after flooding, baisazhou agricultural largest market reopened. In July 15th, the reporter visited the market aquatic delivery area, visit the Wuhan crayfish price situation.

7 15, from Hanchuan, Jingzhou, Honghu, Dongxihu, Wuhan and the surrounding area of Liangzi Lake shrimp farming, shrimp traders are busy handling down boxes of crayfish from truck or van. Mr. Hu at the regional manager of Baishazhou aquaculture market A District of Wuhan Association of a crayfish aquaculture company, "the shrimp farmers hit, can not receive the shrimp transaction amount is less than the pre disaster 1/10. Before the amount of water per day can be more than one million yuan, but only 200 thousand - 100 thousand yuan. Shrimp in short supply, the price per kilogram than currently has rose 2 to 3 yuan before the rain. "

Baishazhou aquaculture market C District Mr. Sheng also said that before receiving volume 1/3. Mr Sheng introduction, the shrimp production, because shrimp into the hole spawning period, yield two itself less; because of the heavy rain, the shrimp farmers supply. In terms of demand, sales in Hubei has decreased, but the rest of the country to maintain a smooth sales.

in Qianjiang crawfish trading center, Changjiang Daily reporter saw, in July 13th only more than and 20 businesses, and settled in May more than and 40 businessmen formed a sharp contrast. Day posted price information table shows that 6 - 4 money 15 yuan, 6 yuan, 8 - yuan 22 yuan, 8 - 10 yuan to 28 yuan. Many vendors said, Qianjiang crawfish prices last month than the average rose 2 to 3 yuan. At the same time, many dealers said, has begun to play summer crayfish hole at present, supply reduction is inevitable.

Author: Wu Ting

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