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ximeizhinengchuandai· 2016-07-18 06:21:56

headset has become an indispensable electronic products," in a subway, on the bus, we often see a lot of young people wearing a headset to listen to music, talking on the phone. has been the headset is in the form of ear plug, sound pressure can not be released. More and more young people are too much to use the headset to restore the hearing damage, so as to accelerate the aging of the ear.

- dedicated to let more people listen to music for a long time without damage to the music, a listing of the vast number of consumers of all ages and hot pursuit.

country new don't tired headset washing version, sales more unpopular, has a number of stores trading volume amazing. Consumers are very high evaluation for alignment, said.

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from Taiwan brand TOPlay, breakthrough for hundreds of years by using a headset ear cavity resonance sound law, using the principle of OGS, the open ear canal sound way of listening class. For the love of music, to provide a friend with hearing health; action safety; beautiful sound quality; comfortable and convenient to wear headphones to choose.

TOPlay; a headset can be washed

love sports, not afraid of sweating, TOPlay headset can be conveniently cleaned.

with stains, not afraid, TOPlay headset can be washed.


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