Legend of the United States 66 road will be paved solar LED board, the night will be lit into the avenue of stars

The United States legend solar Avenue of stars

ximeizhinengchuandai· 2016-07-18 06:22:40

according to technology website CNET reported that the legendary U.S. Route 66 (by Americans affectionately call" Mother Road ", from Chicago to California, a total length of 3939 km) will be the new future, the United States Department of transportation will be the high-tech upgrade.

it is reported that early 66 highway upgrade only a section of highway, Solar Roadways will be the project partners. The company has a specially designed solar panel, the panel can not only bear the weight of the car, but also equipped with a built-in LED lights. After absorbing the solar energy, it will be able to light up its own, and will be the 66 road to the stars.

right now, Solar Roadways has with the U.S. Department of transportation order, however, want to put it close to 4000 km road resurfacing, a short time is certainly not too realistic. Missouri traffic bureau said that by the end of this year, 66 Road, the laying of the center section of the road will be officially started.

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