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Strength model standard occupation

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famous Magic game player, hearthstone commentary dragon Kibler has supported back environment; as a magic veteran, he certainly knew the importance of this approach to the environment changes the card game. But he has taken back the environment for Blizzard, also is the only permanent classic and basic card "is quite critical of the.

#p# standard mode #e#

famous Magic game player, hearthstone commentary dragon Kibler has supported back environment; as a magic veteran, he certainly knew the importance of this approach to the environment changes the card game. But he has taken back the environment for Blizzard, also is the only permanent classic and basic card "is quite critical of the.

, in his view, when the classic package design is Blizzard started doing card game, a lot of design may not so mature model and test, also led to the imbalance of various horizontal comparison on strength; and although the classical Blizzard bag some cards to do the adjustment, is still very difficult to make up the standard model for the characteristics of "classic card weak" occupation unfriendly.

then his argument in the end there is no reason? This paper will try to occupation card strength and their strength in the current standard environment by comparing the classic package, to verify the Dragon King view.

standard mode of professional strength

although the list below may be controversial, but it is generally accurate.

T1 - better occupation adaptation degree in the whole environment, the card group low high, or various types of

Warrior (Aksun, anti war, war, war, Wang Zhan watts pirates slave war, war dragon (

), the universe of the zoo warlock shaman (

) face SA, SA medium)

T2 has obvious occupation on the advantages, but also has limitations, or less susceptible to

type (intermediate hunter hunting, Sharon hunt? (

), deathwhisper miracle thief thief thief?)

(g Su Ende, Sa Longde) -

(Fire Mage, magic ice)

T3 occupation strength compared to the first two low



both from which server ladder winning rankings, or selected events at home and abroad Hand select card group, the three grades are more distinct. The warlock warrior, almost everyone will take, although no longer strong but shaman strength and stability, the ladder winning high, middle four belong to the game but not regular occupation will bring, and "double light waste" is relatively bleak.

#p# classic card card package warrior analysis #e#

warrior classic card analysis of

card based card package: execute, whirlwind, cleave, blazing battle axe, Heroic Strike, assault, shield block, Warsong commander, Caron library elite guards, Arcanite Reaper classic card

: one of the orange, with Shield Slam, upgrade, cast a division, battle command, anger roar, harsh taskmaster, fury, punch, riot Berserker, Alahi carpenter, mortal strike, weapon dead scuffle, Hellscream

warrior classic series not only has a full the game's strongest roar dad, but also has the strongest single card game of blazing tomahawk. The truth of the two cards complete with carry a full deck strength.

in addition, AOE has a whirlwind, a scuffle, a card punch, battle fury solutions have beheaded, biological Shield Slam, Kukalon, has cast a riot, from this division, shield. Such a comprehensive, powerful classic series is also a support for the soldiers lost in the slave war this once the strongest form, the current environment has the highest strength of the high strength card group. The reduction of dead language followers and the weakening of the ability of the professional rhythm makes it more obvious that the rhythm of the warrior's weapon and the stack effect of the 1 injuries.

warrior hero skills not very much, of course, for the anti war figure after Hart a stack is the first capital hit later, but there are also some forms of the soldiers will choose to give up the basic skills.

#p# classic card card package warlock analysis #e#

classic card card package warlock

analysis based cards: contract, sacrifice the Voidwalker, soul fire, death coil, corruption, succubus, drain life, shadow bolt, the flames of hell, fear of Hellfire

classic card: the cost of power, flame imp, blood imp, demon fire, demon, the demon guardian, perceived void terror, portal, pitlord, Shadowflame, Doomguard, end of evil, soul siphon, nether *, Lord jaraxxus

can see the warlock occupation is not so strong a single card.

in fact, no matter what the added package, the wizard has not received a special exaggeration of the intensity of the series.

this shows that Blizzard intends to reduce the warlock occupation card strength, prevent it too strong; but the warlock survived naxx blow back to the zoo environment, survive the high quality milk back to the universe of shield environment blow, remained at a high intensity, undoubtedly reflects the hero skills ahead of other occupation the degree of exaggeration.

so the wizard should be recognized as a special case; even if the professional card is slightly worse, relying on the hero skills of the lead or be able to maintain a strong stability and relatively high strength.

#p# classic card card package shaman analysis #e#

classic card card package shaman card: analysis of

based treatment, the force, the totem ancestors Frost Shock, petrochemical weapons, wind, Flametongue totem anger, hex, windtalker, blood and fire

classic card: dust devil, forked lightning, earth shock, lightning bolt, ray casting Tomahawk, the ancestors, untamed elements, Mana Tide Totem, Lava Burst, horizon, feral spirit, lightning storm, earth, Doomhammer, wind Lord aolajier shaman

the classic series card, especially a little trash is obviously a waste, especially strong strong.

classic series, if added on a weak collocation package, it will make the occupation directly into the hidden state of shaman. But if the match on TGT, LOE and WOG with three more powerful supplement series, this career will be very OP, because it is a classic series of those very strong single card will be played in space.

that if after a year of Blizzard, in turn, no longer give a strong single card to the shaman, the standard model may be the shaman in the next day there will be a quiet day. Because it is based on the card is not strong enough, and the hero skills generally weak.

#p# classic card card package Hunter analysis #e#

classic card card package Hunter card based

analysis: Arcane Shot, Hunter mark, Minnesota, track, partner, animal trainer, Kill Command, multi shot, hungry vultures, tundra rhino

classic card: wild fury, explosive trap, flares, Freezing Trap, misleading, carrion, hyenas, sniper, deadly snake trap shooting, Eagle bow, close the dogs, explosive shot, long maned prairie lion, Gladiator's Longbow, Tyrannosaurus Wang Ke rush

Hunter classic series standard is not a color. Despite this, the lion animal companion card, but the card is to help the station, which belongs to the kind of supermodel station card group components, and soldiers that strong flexibility for single card in the card group; while the hunter hero skills determines that it must take the Qianglian routine. Plus, in addition to track this extreme brand (what you told me to put vulture dog?) no card, the hunter is difficult to reflect their own power in the two sides after full charge.

so visionario (i.e. the herd call this card) despite the hot supermodel eyes, but also in the T7 game gradually fade out perfectly logical and reasonable; the vision we prove only after loaded, hunting and entertainment, if Sambo does not appear, the hunter may escape the light double waste status. Hunter's classic card package defects and professional skills deficiencies, it is easy to explain why they have almost all of the game's strongest single card is still only in the cause of T1 flash in the pan.

#p# classic card package licensing #e#

classic card card

card package thief analysis based card: backstab, poison, shadow attack, sap, SHIV, fan of knives, assassination, Assassin's blade, disappear, sprint

classic card brand: preparation, Shadowstep, cold-blooded, hidden, betrayal, Defias, biting and patient assassin, Edwin VanCleef, diastematocrania attack and destruction of the blade, seven military intelligence agents, Blade Flurry, hidden master,

said the hijackers thieves have to mention Blizzard for the environment to control is still a hand. Or Blizzard can only be designed for their own classic card when the wrong foot. The Blizzard has recently been pushing hard deathwhisper thief, was forced to cut the flurry, not because of love, the knife oil thief thief miracle, but because if you give this card card group is likely to be too strong. And the reason is because the foundation is too strong. (while the base package will no doubt create a rogue invincible arena strength)

someone said, this is the basis for the core package is very important to the thief, not to take away. But I think, the basis of the package is not the core of play, but can adapt to a variety of ways to play. This model is strong but the direction of a single basic package is greatly restricted the subsequent design and development space. A version of this version of the T1 has been to almost all of the card group is a classic card, which is obviously contrary to the nature of the environment and the return of the environment. But if Blizzard doesn't change the back environment system, they can only give thieves new card carefully in this direction, then the inevitable result is the game player has been playing the old, not strong but not weak. The

#p# master card card #e#

classic card card package mage analysis

based cards: Arcane Missiles, mirror, Arcane Explosion, Han Bing arrow, arcane wisdom, Frost Nova, fireball, transfiguration, water element Flamestrike,

classic card: Ice Lance, arboreal Wyrm, Sorcerer's apprentice, counterspell, Han Bing, Han Bing, the master system barrier and disturbing incantation, evaporation, mirror physical, virtual surgery, ice Ling arcanist, blizzards, Archmage Anthony Das, Pyroblast

master package limitation similar to the thief. But the thieves will not retreat and garkisen environment is different, the fire demon and shock environment for scientists retreat master how much is unknown. Wizards never lack a good card, but most of the good cards are spells, which also makes the mage must seek a winning means. Ice method is a way of thinking, but by scientists old driver back environmental impact is still great, and there is no fire demon after the rhythm of the law and how to look at the subsequent copy of the current ice demon seems not to fly.

is worth mentioning is the master secret system has been the lack of sufficient strength to enter the mainstream stage, even in the case of such scientists, this is a rare case (one of the main push of the classic routine package can not strong).

#p# classic card card package Druid analysis #e#

classic card card package Druid card: analysis of

based activation, Moonfire, claw, mark of the wild, wild growth, healing touch, Savage Roar, sweep, Starfire, AI long buck protector

classic card: natural balance, savage hammer, wild force, anger, natural mark, biting, the keeper of the grove, the soul of the forest, and the power of nature, Druid of the claw, nourish the fallen star and knowledge of ancient and ancient of war and Senna Cornelius

personally think that as long as the Druid jump fee system is still that is never out of the mainstream view. This is a different occupation characteristics have been evergreen kcal card game, hearthstone is no exception. Even a beast was cut, Germany, Salund even walls can play in the rhythm of dedu, so compact, the occupation could have pulled out a card to play under the supermodel face is not easy to do this.

in the big cut after I think the Druid's classic series is relatively reasonable, although there are some garbage card (according to Kibler, he thinks the classic series should all be effective card, can support multiple system, an occupation play should rotate out of garbage card).

#p# Paladin classic card #e#

Paladin classic card package licensing

analysis based cards: blessing, hand of protection, humility, holy justice, holy light, blessing and dedication, hammer of wrath, really silver sword

classic card: the blessing of wisdom, an eye for an eye, noble sacrifice of salvation, repentance, silver guardian, createdequal, Aldo guards, grace operation, sword of justice, by the blessing of the holy warriors, anger, anger, revenge, Tirion Foordring lay on hands than a

name cool, a model than a stupid. Although there are a few very good cards, but also the life of the dedication of the combo, but obvious defects, poor rhythm, eat licensing order, lack of victory conditions, there is no effective hard solution. Knights of the several versions by the new card to cover up the light of the foundation of the dark, once the light is not blowing.

#p# classic card card package pastor analysis #e#

classic card card package pastor analysis

based cards: Holy smite, heart world and North County pastor, power word: shield, divine spirit, mind blast, Shadow Word. Shadow Word: pain, and death, Holy Nova and mind control

classic card: healing ring, silence, the heart of the fire, theft, Ogini, Shadow form thinking soul priest, the son of glorious mass dispel, shadow madness, esoteric shadow worship, holy fire, the performer, the prophet vinylon pastor

the card is a little higher than the overall quality of the knight (orange crush = =). But in fact, the characteristics and the knight is very similar, the rhythm is poor, eat brand order, lack of victory conditions.

and the knight is different, the priest's professional skills and its degree of fit is also very low. Both have a medium speed ride ride, ride the grace of God or the Buddha, the basic idea of Knight shop or field, the hero skills will be able to play the role of helping. And when the priest's hero skills are often used as a soldier's hero skills to use, it will be very embarrassing. However, Blizzard did not give the priest good enough station card, so the divine spirit low buff actually has not had a card, a new version of the PW - touch is???, this also makes the priest thought generally fall into a passive, hero skills can not play, but many models are good. Card no space.

#p# classic card package licensing #e#

analysis to summarize the

overall, the intensity of the bag and really classic occupation play can not get away. It should be said that the classic package plus vocational skills, determine whether a career can be in a variety of environments have a war of force.

(editor of bacteria don't personally agree, because the classic package + occupation skill, can only be considered a variety of factors, after all, under the environment of each occupation of ups and downs, are affected by the current card package environmental impact, the current version of tactical SA T1, who can guarantee that they can be the next version of T1? Or to see the effect of the new card package of

) and this ability gap is obvious: the paladin and priest since Needless to say, in fact, is the classic shaman hunter is weak, the card to design over these Blizzard the supermodel occupation, is not without basis. In all the occupation inside, I look down the view and the Dragon King Live casually mentioned almost, soldiers of the classic package is the most satisfactory, covers a great potential, good strength and comprehensive. The mage, rogue classic package obviously, greatly limits the two occupation ideas (should be only two almost impossible to station as the core to build a strong suit, even if the occupation) Blizzard so strong push deathwhisper thief, this deck strength is very limited.

Blizzard may not change their definition of a classic package, but we also see some of the previous actions, such as the balance of the standard package of some single card. It is proved that most of these balances are reasonable. Then do not rule out the classic package after Blizzard for fine-tuning.

in addition, WOG inside the hunter and the shaman to get a single card also shows that the gap between the intensity of the classic package of the professional gap is a cognitive. So the light fans should also be able to look after the furnace stone design team on the two career is how to improve the.

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