Beckham and seven mouth to mouth kiss son yelled licensing behind

Kiss mouth to mouth Romeo Beckham seven

xinlangyule· 2016-07-18 09:47:56

has always been very few vocal Romeo 15 in the face book, twitter posted by the mother kissed her cheek photos, wrote, "I still love my mother's kiss", but also added a sign of love.


Romeo sun shine

's mother Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, the former member of the spice girls in British Vitoria (Victoria Beckham) in 1999 to "football superstar" Beckham (David Beckham), to the life of 3 sons and 1 her daughter, 6 days ago in IG drying out and what Harper woman (Harper) mouth to mouth kissing photos, he was friends with boom, rarely speak in front of the media's second son Romeo (Romeo) had jumped out of the mother!

of Vitoria's daughter Harper 10, just over 5 years old birthday, her two people mouth to mouth kiss photo in the IG show, the atmosphere is very warm, also received a lot of fans have sent a blessing, netizens attack her behavior is wrong, even not sensible friends said "the girl with the girls kiss, disgusting", caused no small storm.

two son Romeo seemed distressed mother Vitoria, rarely speak him 15 days on Facebook, twitter posted photos by her mother a kiss on the cheek, says "I still love my mother's Kiss (I still love my mother s kisses"), "added a love expression as a symbol, on the mother's support, so many fans by surprise. And a lot of people think, "a mother loves her child, kiss her child, I do not know where the wrong", and praised Romeo's move is very warm.

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