How to get really good mobile application developers?

How developers mobile applications

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for the period to recommend four topics are how to attract outstanding mobile application developers, Web designers must JavaScript library and plug-ins, data mining tools and agile And the difference between DevOps and so on.

, a manager must read: how to attract mobile application developers real good?

original title: 10 Tips to Hire the Perfect importance Mobile App Developer for Your Project

3. will provide advice
4. to master a variety of the latest software and tools to use
5. to develop the ability of cross platform applications < br />6. can provide technical support for
7. development with the progress of the project follow up
8. has an excellent application economic transformation ability of
9. familiar with the app store policy
10. proposed a reasonable salary expectations of

two, missed the ten JavaScript base and plug-in

original title: 10 JavaScript Libraries and Plugins For Web Designers

today, web development has become the fastest developing speed the branch of technical field. And in which, JavaScript is playing an indispensable role in the core. At present the related tools, plug-ins, library and other resources below, we will be too numerous to enumerate, selected from the ten most worthy of attention:

1. Layzr.js

2. Dense


4. 3 Full Lunr.js

5. Lity

6. Dynamics.js

7. Accordion Pro JS

8. Arbor.js

9. jNotify

10. jQuery Form Validator

, three) "ten best data mining tools to help you create

original title: 10 Best Tools To Build Analytics Dashboard

1. DashThis
2. HappyMetrix
3. Analytics Portfolio
4. Geckoboard
5. ZoomCharts
6. MicroStrategy
7. Google Analytics Solutions
8. Klipfolio
9. Cyfe
10. IBM Watson Analytics

and DevOps four, agile three major differences between

original title: 3 Major Ways Agile Differs From DevOps



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CEO, a monthly salary of one hundred thousand, as the win marry white Formica, go on the pinnacle of life is not a dream


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