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Viewpoint grape knife tower hand travel

youxiputao· 2016-07-18 11:00:34

view, Lilith's second products

last week, Lilith finally launched their second game "magic arms", also won the apple tour recommended.

it slightly defective. The "magic" of arms is not Lilith D, but by the agency issued its products. In addition, the production of Camex Games in November last year had to Google Play and App Store on the game, at the beginning of this year was to "Heroes Tactics on Lilith" name in the United States, at the time of the Chinese or "magic heroes", this week in the game in the world has become a Chinese shelves, "magic.". So it's not a new work.

due to "knife tower legend", Lilith the star team can be said to be much concern to the industry, many people are looking forward to their second products. Through such a proxy issued products, Lilith completed the change to the issue of the role of research and development. First put aside the personal preferences of the grape king, we only talk about this product.

simple point of view, can be seen as a "magic" with "magic" and "knife tower legend": "Heroes" war strategy gameplay mode, "knife tower legend" style form and design style.

this / there are not very familiar? The

design style, including many heroes art style, and draw a card like setting, you can find a prototype in the "turret legend", and in the form, "knife tower legend" in some systems, such as equipment, L-order role debris rising star, "climb" expedition "the tower of play, you can in the" magic "in the coat of arms on the number one. For the time being as is the typical "Lilith style". For Chinese players who have experienced the turret legend and most of the turret like products, these designs are very friendly.

play level, and most of the card Mobile Games is different, "magic" emphasizes the emblem is not pure rolling force, but the war strategy gameplay mode, and has a certain depth. But if you peel play shell, and most of the same product is Mobile Games, "magic" and "heroes like arms" or "Fire Emblem" of these more traditional game between not on branches of the collocation and restraint, but the numerical (and prior to the "battle force of rolling with a non numerical concept).

to be honest, "magic" emblem for each game time to control very well. It is also used in the "knife tower legend" Lilith's experience, the end of the two or three minutes a game battle to game player can make good use of fragments of time. But in combination with the game's most basic play, the game is compressed to a game of two or three points in a game in the fight, it is somewhat hasty. Class= img_box "

you find a double headed dragon, popular, little Bing Bing...... The shadow of it?

battlefield, strategy in depth is not enough, the hero blood and attack the numerical Calder very dead, basically in the game player enters the battlefield has decided the outcome of the perfect clearance program basically only one. Most of the time, only one step operation can decide the end result is a two pass or Samsung perfect clearance, decide what is the other game player being rolled or compacted. Most of the time, game player may need to go to those who look more like to develop system of play auxiliary strategy, perhaps through upgrade and strengthen the recharge, to reach an absolute value of the rolling to obtain a higher rate of tolerance.

for mobile platform, this change is understandable. After all, hand travel fast, more fragmented, can not be like the traditional war chess game is still maintained a very slow pace, in two or three minutes on the end of the battle, thinking is bound to be compressed. But the king grape personally, one step decisive strategy, although is simple and crude, may take care of more to adapt to the rhythm of the Mobile Games users, such as the rolling force is numerical Khorium bring very simple experience. Just deliberately accelerate the rhythm from the value reflects a certain contradiction: most of the time, as long as the game player takes a wrong step, the enemy attack can reduce half hero output, the group off is often the case.

second did not get off the grape king star

"magic" emblem is in fact to try, as far as possible to find a good balance in numerical and strategies between the two, so you can also experience the guidance and teaching battle mode strategy is very pure in the game. But more embarrassing is that the contrast most fast-paced Mobile Games, which make the rhythm of the game is very slow, but because of "the design step of life and death strategy" may encounter game player with strong sense of frustration in the new stage, not many game player can persist. Grape king did not stick to play down (Wu face).

officially launched the "magic" of arms, poor performance, it probably can only prove that the game player to play chess Mobile Games fit enough. Earlier, the Chinese market, in fact, have also tried a number of war chess game, but how can not push it, has been in a state of fire. Core players must be there, just to adapt to the fast pace of mobile products to do some changes, may not meet the requirements of these strategies for the higher players.

on the other hand, the majority of products Mobile Games contrast, SLG game rhythm is still very slow (for example, the vast majority of card, ARPG actually is about rolling, pure force consumption, and market value) Mobile Games common pursuit of fast-paced practices and somewhat draw further apart.

is also a strategy to play as a selling point, SLG can fire up, how to fight chess is not it?

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