Twins sun self fit! Friends: to always be together

Net friend twins fit self timer

wangyiyule· 2016-07-18 13:14:17


twins photo

NetEase entertainment reported in July 18th (text / Xiao Yi) recently, Zhongxin Tong and Chariene Choi jointly attended a variety, two people get close self attracted onlookers. In the photo, Chariene Choi wearing a blue striped shirt, a black Zhongxin Tong Xi, two people look comfortable. The two sisters in front of the camera or Morphling to duzui sell adorable or Meiyumuxiao, lady flavor. In this regard, users have a message that:

"the United States is a word", "most like to see you together," "I am the two goddess of the United States to a foul"

more friends laugh: "is not to publish the relationship".

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