Samsung Note 7 front panel exposure: unlock new color

Samsung note panel micro-blog

shoujizhongguo· 2016-07-18 14:25:01

[mobile phone China News] as the second half of the high-end flagship debut, Samsung Note 7 and iPhone 7 are very much looking forward to. However, with the appearance of single comparison, Samsung Note 7 to be a stroke above, because the machine is not only introduced the hyperboloid screen, but also add a new color. From the current exposure of the real machine spy photos, iPhone 7 appearance and not too big change, the new color seems to have disappeared.

  Samsung Note 7 coral blue front panel < / day before span>

, the @i ice universe exposed the Samsung Note 7 front panel spy on micro-blog, showing the machine coral blue color. From the spy photos, coral blue looks beautiful youth, more lively atmosphere. In addition to coral blue, Samsung Note 7 will have a golden version.

  there have been rumors before the Samsung Note 7

Samsung Note 7 golden pages, will with iris recognition function, the function has also been reflected in its front panel. Spy photos show, the top of the front of the Samsung Note 7 has a plurality of openings, which should have rumors of the iris recognition sensor. However, although the front panel, the Samsung Note 7 in front of the opening of more than 3, but in fact, friends said, Samsung Note 7 real machine only three visible holes, the three hole in the visible iris recognition sensor, there should be a front camera.

  micro-blog screenshot

configuration, the Samsung Note 7 will be equipped with 821 Xiaolong processor is expected to provide 4GB and 6GB two kinds of memory. According to the official statement, the Samsung Note 7 will be officially released in August 2nd.

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