The net transfer of Softbank 23 billion 400 million pounds acquisition of ARM

The pound acquisition Japan Softbank

ITzhijia· 2016-07-18 14:25:57

7 Sept. 18, as mobile processor industry semiconductor design scheme is a leading global provider of mobile devices are currently 95% of the world in the use of ARM architecture processor, from birth to now ARM technology based on chip 60 billion. ARM architecture processor has the characteristics of high performance, low cost and energy consumption. Has a dominant position in the field of intelligent machines, tablet PCs, embedded control, multimedia digital and other processors.

New York Times reported that Japan's Softbank group will be close to 23 billion 400 million pounds (about 207 billion 200 million yuan) price to buy the British chip giant ARM. Sources said that the current transaction has not been completed, the deal or will become the first large-scale acquisition of the UK after the first acquisition of the deal.

if the transaction is completed, the mobile processor industry will have a greater impact, the UK's chip designers currently market value of about $22 billion (about 147 billion 100 million yuan). Class= img_box "

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