Justin Bieber to prepare their own funeral

Bibb Justin to the funeral

fenghuangyule· 2016-07-18 18:04:02

Justin · Bibb (data plan)

Beijing July 18, according to Taiwan's ETTV reported that the 22 year old Canadian singer Justin · Bibb (Justin Bieber) in "Baby" became popular in the world, has burst of alcohol and drug abuse, beatings and other negative news, so that the outside world is dumbfounded. Previously he finally decided to repent, did not think the fans has recently said that the gift is "shit". And he was not so much out of control, he recently plans to have their own funeral, so the family is very worried.

, according to U.S. media reports, Justin · Bibb recently had unusual move, began to plan their own funeral, make friends around very worried about whether he will because and ex girlfriend Selena (Selena Gomez) to break up into emotional feeling hurt and low tide, will spur.

day before him in concert with fans at the stage of Talking plot to send a hat on the expression of Justin · Bibb's favorite, but he is not very grateful, said: "this time you" listen "is good, do not send a hat or anything you want to throw something on the table, because I don't want this shit. "Let the audience fans in an uproar.

but Justin · Bibb realized that his remarks were too far to say: "I'm sorry, maybe that's a bit harsh.". "Then he told fans to express his discovery, just want to borrow the concert Talking plot to tell you to grasp the meaning of life, and to wake up every morning is a new day with god. Then he came back, the fans said: "I am sorry to throw your hat, but you ruined the moment. "

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