A guide to the call to change the horn of a motor bike

Horns bicycles motorcycles guide

mofangwang· 2016-07-18 22:55:34

free horn like a raging fire, 8 Marines have been bloody orange bear leisurely, pining away to the team won the championship, nightmare come to grief, the dark horse repeatedly, this scene of unbelievable results, what is heaven arrange? Or luck? "Free" battle horn horn launched the free free bet bet packs, champion, win huge diamond. Do look forward to the future of the prophet, be the master of your own destiny, so the official Jun will give you joking free horn betting guide.


package on time: July 16th -7 month 22 days on

package contains the current version of the vast majority of mainstream heroes, according to the team the hero and the rate of winning tailored package.

example: buy orange bear package, get all the props packs, if the orange bears team win, will return 70% packs to buy diamonds. If orange bear team did not win, will not return the diamond.

[Betting Guide]

on the overall record, the orange bear team can be said to be optimistic about the parties, but there is no lack of change. The captain is rain in time to find the laity is reincarnation, and why leopard head, jade kylin night like many other stars, Black Whirlwind protectors, but the horn is free of war, the variable is still very large, the return rate is the lowest of the 70% diamond.

dark horse team package contains three teams, 100% return diamonds, very value, more confident of their luck buddy a try. The rest of the

team can be said to be even suffered well-matched in strength, nightmare, orange bear is the outcome of each other. Kyushu gaming, world friendship have defeated the current super overlord nightmare clan, an arrow through the clouds, pining away to the Corps also with orange bear Yizhan. Love their team may wish to small bet wave.

this prediction is purely entertainment, friends can buy free horn package, send joy! Guess champion, free of charge! Even if there is no right of our liberty horn package also contains a huge discount, very affordable, good luck will get free. The

above is for all us! More game information please continue to pay attention to cube network free battle area

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