Chinese Air Force went to the South Sea Patrol to include all the main machine

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today, a heavy news from the Chinese air force spokesman Shen Jinke say in the mouth: Chinese recently organized Air Force Aviation combat cruise to the South China sea.

this message issued by the Chinese Air Force official micro only less than 400 words. But it has a reason to be called the big media headlines.


first, a huge amount of information is heterogeneous in.

Shen, Chinese the air force in the South China Sea routine combat cruise, were deployed in the "boom and -6K fighter and reconnaissance aircraft, air refueling aircraft," cruise aerial reconnaissance, aerial combat and reefs as the main style of action, a cruise to fight.

compared with the air force announced a few days ago boom -6K cruise island of Huangyan news, the news today, almost all of the existing main aircraft air force China.

first look at these kinds of aircraft.

detonation -6K, as a bomber, with a majestic-looking nickname - "the God of war". It is China designed in long-range bombers, primarily for the implementation of distance precision attack and airport bombing missions. A few days ago, the three fleet in the South China Sea exercise, the launch of a new type of anti - ship missile deterrence is the sister model of this aircraft.

however, although -6K has such a powerful attack power, but it also has weaknesses, that is, the ability to self defense is weak. Therefore, if only a few defenceless bombers to Huangyan Island reefs near the airspace cruise, the cruise is only symbolic.

but, once the fighter and reconnaissance aircraft, air refueling and other aircraft involved in the cruise, it shows that -6K has a powerful detonation "knife guard" hand in hand, the formation of a powerful air battle group, can not only perform long-range precision strike, also has the ability to wipe out the invading enemy air at any time.

from the air force administrative micro-blog published picture, the battle in a cruise fighter f -11 fighter in. As a double heavy air fighter, the f -11 has the characteristics of long voyage, combat radius, time long, very suitable for performing tasks such a wide place in the South China Sea airspace.

and for the air combat group far from the land of the airport, reconnaissance aircraft, air refueling aircraft, such as special operations aircraft, the importance of the aircraft can not be less important than. Such as reconnaissance aircraft, but not air the "TeleEye" and "ears", also can serve as the "mouthpiece" and "jamming device". While air refueling, can make the oil capacity have increased dramatically, fighter flight here, most want to remind the island uncle, said in front of the f -11 was not affected by the oil, so the air, the cruise air battle group, other fighters apparently did not open the hammer machine, a we may be more familiar with the f -10.

, the air force announced Chinese boom -6K and other models in the South China Sea combat routine cruise, confident that China master sea airspace air superiority, otherwise it will not let such an important weapon of the cruise line.


message another key point is that these aircraft cruising range: Huangyan Island reefs near the airspace.

from the map point of view, most of the Chinese air force models, if you take off from Hainan Island, Southeast of the airport, the operational radius can cover Huangyan island. Why say that again China air force stressed to Huangyan Island reefs near the airspace is a bright spot?

this is because, as a combat cruise missions, although the air combat group models of operational radius enough, or have the ability to refuel in the air, but still try to avoid the impact of the pilot fatigue tolerance. Therefore, if the air force should be normalized to the South China Sea combat, of course is to use from the relevant airspace as close as possible to the airport. As for the airport, the new airport has some Chinese sea reefs can be successfully landing airliner news, apparently has given us the answer.

in other words, these newly built airport, to further expand the cruising radius of these fighters. The normalization of

China military development concern the islanders know, China air force in recent twenty years, although the development of many new models to get people up, but there are a lot of constraints to improve the air combat capability remote place.

this is because the war was not the only aircraft can be, there are many key factors, such as providing refueling, maintenance, electricity, refrigeration equipment for aircraft ground services, etc.. And these devices, either in some areas, or by a large transport aircraft to transport, so as to speed up the deployment of the aircraft with the aircraft.

and for the vast territory of the South China Sea, to achieve the normalization of cruise, indicates that the Chinese air force has begun to gradually solve the problem of long-range strike capability. Here, the island is still stressed that the military to "string together" - this is why the beginning of July, the military's high-profile reports of China's strategic transport -20 strategic transport aircraft loaded air force air force.

said the news spokesman of the air force fighter, do not forget that this view: "the South China Sea Islands since ancient times is Chinese territory, Chinese inviolable sovereignty and interests in the South China sea. China Air Force unswervingly defend the national sovereignty, security and maritime rights and interests, and resolutely safeguard regional peace and stability, to respond to various threats and challenges. "This

today and Admiral Wu Shengli met with American chief of naval operations John · Richardson's side by side:" we will not sacrifice the interests of the South China Sea sovereignty, don't expect us to make concessions on the territorial sovereignty; we will not fear any military provocation, China army is strong strength to safeguard national sovereignty, security and development interests the Chinese navy has been fully prepared to respond to any provocation infringement. "Another word of Wu Shengli is more attracted our attention:" no matter what country, or what people, what the Chinese will exert pressure, advancing according to plan and complete the construction of reefs. "

in the island seems changed after all, uncle, more attention is paid to the theater of combat training under the auspices of the combined arms combat arms, emphasize the integration between. Whether it is a spokesman for the air force, and commander of the Navy, from their position, and the recent China military movements -- "20" column, the South China Sea exercises, maritime police cruise, a variety of models of normal cruise are all can be seen in the South China Sea situation, China strategy is more like a spring, when applied the external force is large, its rebound is greater. This information is also proved from many aspects, China control of the South China Sea will be more firmly, once happened, naval and air forces Chinese will have more opportunities and time to complete the task of safeguarding national maritime rights and interests.

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