Multinational warning to the United States young black: beware of the U.S. police

The United States police multinational black

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U.S. media said the holiday season to. You have packed your bags and got your ticket. If you're going overseas, you might want to check out whether the State Department has issued a travel alert or warning for your travel destination. From natural disasters to terrorist threats, the U.S. State Department issued a few warnings every week. These warnings will have a great impact on travelers, as well as diplomatic relations.

according to the U.S. National Public Radio reported in July 14th, landing the U.S. State Department's Web site, you will find a variety of travel information involving more than and 180 countries. These include warnings about security risks. If a country or a region has a short-term security threat - for instance people for the upcoming elections in protest of civil unrest or even possible natural disasters such as hurricanes and typhoons, then the State Council will be to the country or region issued a travel alert.

of the American Travel Industry Association, Mark, pointed out that some of the more serious and long-term threats to the State Council issued a travel alert.

he said: "this could include government instability or civil war, crime or violence, and even frequent terrorist attacks.". In this case, the State Council will advise you not to go to these countries during this period. "These countries include countries like Somalia, Libya, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia,"

said. A former State Department official Shamila · Chowdhury said, when more popular destinations are classified as security concerns when the situation is different. This will have an impact on the economy of those countries.

she said: "countries like Turkey, Israel and Mexico are well developed.". They generally take the American travel warnings as a negative news, because there are often people in the United States to go to these countries. "

Daniel ·, the former head of the anti-terrorism department under the State Department, said Benjamin, travel warnings may also affect diplomatic relations. He remembers the United States issued a travel warning to Europe in 2010.

he said, "the Europeans, especially the French, are completely out of anger.

the U.S. State Department said it from the relevant information, local police news and the overall trend to assess whether a country or region is suitable for travel. The State Council insisted that it has nothing to do with the relationship between the state. But Chowdhury said that some countries that the United States issued travel warnings with retaliation or political nature.

she said: "countries that become the object of warning tend to turn this issue into a political. These countries will lobby the U.S. government to cancel their travel warnings. "

reports, but this is not a unilateral action. Some countries have also issued their own travel warnings for the United States. In July 8th, when police officers shot young black men in the United States for several times, the Bahamas in advised its citizens to take extra care in those countries that "police shooting young black men". Warned: "especially young black men, in the above cities and police contact, to be extremely vigilant. Do not fight, to cooperate.

reported that the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and New Zealand also issued a similar warning. (compile / Yang Xuelei)

said: This is October 9, 2014, protesters in Saint Louis city Missouri in the United States when shouting slogans. In October 8th, Meyers, a black young man, was shot dead by a white policeman in Saint Louis city in city. Xinhua / AP

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