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wangyikeji· 2016-07-19 06:16:12

Japan's Softbank group has agreed to all cash acquisition of British chip designer ARM, the transaction amount of more than $32 billion. The average consumer knows very little about ARM, but the company's technology is running most of the world's smart phones and more and more "Internet of things" devices. The following five kinds of circumstances, so that you can better understand the company.

1, a little-known company of science and technology in the intelligent mobile phone

more than 95% of the world's inside, can be found in the design of ARM microprocessor, including intelligent mobile phone apple and Samsung Electronics production. The company, which is headquartered in Cambridge, UK, has become the industry standard for its chip technology because of its low power consumption and low cost. As a B2B company, ARM is not widely known for the vast number of consumers, but it is one of the UK's top high-tech companies.

2, born in the apple iPhone

ARM predecessor was founded in 1990, is a British computer company, apple I-Can chip maker VLSI and American technology companies jointly create a joint venture for Apple personal digital assistant Newton chip development. Newton finally launched on 1993, and lasted for 11 years in the market.


's no factory due to the construction of a chip factory needs huge funds, many of the world's most advanced chip manufacturers are "fabless semiconductor company (Fabless)", meaning they do not run any factory. ARM is also a company with approximately 4000 employees focused on the blueprint for the design of the chip, and then by the "OEM" or chip manufacturers for their customers.

4, smart phone market growth slowed

ARM investors have been closely concerned about the growth of the global smart phone market slowdown. In February this year, the ARM report in the latest quarterly earnings report, the company's stock price fell. At that time the company said its revenue this year will be in line with the current market expectations. And then industry analysts are more than a few months ago, not optimistic about this year's smart phone market, the reason is that with the saturation of the market, led by Apple's smart phone manufacturers to find its product sales growth is weak.

5, aimed at the smart phone outside the field of

ARM has been investing in the Internet of things, which involves the car and light bulbs and other daily necessities to connect to the internet. In May this year, ARM spent $350 million acquisition of the British imaging technology company Apical. Apical technology allows electronic devices to better understand the surrounding environment, for example, can help the security camera to distinguish between people and cats.

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