Philippine media questioned Aquino conceal the truth of the case of the South China Sea arbitration

Aquino arbitration case the South China Sea China

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original title: Philippines media questioned Aquino III government to conceal the truth

arbitration case on the South China Sea on 18 July, Xinhua news agency, Manila (reporter Yang Ke) Philippines arbitration case in the end took to the South China Sea how much money? Are there foreigners "jienangxiangzhu"? Philippines columnist · 18 in Philippines, the mainstream media, "Manila times" issued a document questioned. He believes that the Aquino III government should be open to the public the truth.

Tatad in the title of the South China Sea issue difficulties, the signed article said, the Philippines constitution, the government financial allocation must have a legal basis. Philippines for the South China Sea arbitration case requested a lawyer, spent a total of $30 million. "But so far, the Philippines South China Sea arbitration case has not been publicly funded.

Tatad said, "the truth of the arbitration procedures, the government of Aquino III never explain honestly to the public. For example, the Permanent Court of arbitration is only temporary arbitration service provider, is not a true sense of the court, does not belong to any one branch of the United Nations, "but where is the United Nations International Court of the Hague Peace Palace to rent a place, but with a little relationship between the International Court are not".

Tatad said: "there is no Philippines very important point that is fully aware that Chinese refused to participate in the arbitration from the beginning, the arbitration process only a party (Philippines), this isn't fair. "

Tatad also said:" forced China to accept a Chinese from the beginning that the process of illegal arbitration results, there is unfair. The United States, Japan and some European countries have asked China to accept what a China considers to be an international conspiracy, and China seems unlikely to accept it. "

in Tatade view, if the South China Sea issue differences between the parties and the international community to eliminate differences, to create a good atmosphere of diplomacy, bilateral negotiations in Philippines and the Chinese so we may make the arbitration can not match the results.

is a famous journalist and political figure in Philippines, who served as Minister of the Philippines and the senate.

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