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2014 in July 1st, from the SONY VAIO computer business officially split out his own, into a separate company called VAIO.

today, VAIO company has been established for more than two years. Two years, PC to re optimize and adjust the VAIO business, and finally realized the first annual profit. At the same time, VAIO's mobile phone business has also been initially formed. Class= img_box "


from the current point of view, from SONY's VAIO development is still good. However, it is in the process of development in the past two years also took a lot of detours, and its future is also variable.

profit driven PC business

as SONY's first hand to create a PC brand, VAIO in the industry's visibility is naturally very high. But it was SONY reluctantly give up, because the main business to SONY brings huge financial losses.

according to official data released by SONY, SONY 2013 fiscal year net loss of 128 billion 400 million yen, of which the operating loss of PC business is 91 billion 700 million yen; PC business to SONY brought drag.

(self: Sony)

under this painful lesson, the newly established in the original SONY PC Department on the basis of the VAIO of PC business operation strategy adjusting, specifically, the following two points:

1 a simple product line, accurate user location.

VAIO based on different product forms and positioning launched the Z series, S series and other products, the number of products per line is also very limited. In the positioning of the product characteristics, from the original flagship audio and video features, stylish appearance into the high-end configuration, exquisite workmanship, battery life and other functions of attention.

(self: VAIO)

VAIO Z (Flip) as an example, it uses a high resolution 2560x1440p display, i7 processor, 16GB memory, 512GB hard disk solid carbon, aluminum body, battery life up to 15.5 hours. Can be seen, the configuration is not it is not high, the price is more than $2000.

and this configuration should be relative, VAIO in the PC target user's positioning on the main focus on the configuration requirements of the population, especially in the animation editor and web designer and other groups.

2, sales channels and market expansion.

from SONY, VAIO no longer have the channel and the ability to sell the world, only in a limited market space to play their influence. In the early VAIO, VAIO mainly focus on the Japanese domestic market, in the specific sales channels, VAIO still rely on SONY: SONY online through the official website, the line through SONY's official retail stores to sell.

2015 in August, VAIO announced that it will expand the PC business to the United States and Brazil market. In the United States, VAIO mainly through Microsoft's U.S. retail stores to reach users; and in Brazil, PC Informatica VAIO and Positivo manufacturers cooperation in Brazil's largest local, product design by VAIO bear, and specific manufacturing and sales, from Positivo Informatica to bear.

(figure from: microsoftstore

) in short, through a variety of ways, VAIO greatly reduce operating costs, but also effectively promoted the profit increase.

2015 year in December, the media said that Fujitsu, Toshiba will split out their PC business and integration with the VAIO, and after the integration of the whole will be called the VAIO's name. Later, the message was denied by VAIO, but also from the side reflects the special role of VAIO in the PC market as a whole fell in the background.

in June of this year, according to CEO Yoshimi Ota VAIO revealed that as of the last fiscal year ended May 31st, VAIO all PC product lines have been profitable. Although Yoshimi Ota did not disclose specific sales and market share, but can confirm that the VAIO in the PC business performance and the products of high-end positioning and operating costs in big cuts have a great relationship.

mobile and other business

in the PC business, VAIO has also been looking for other business aspects of the development. In January VAIO,

2015 announced the launch of smart phone business; two months later, the first mobile phone Phone VAIO release. This phone is equipped with a Android system. Appearance, in addition to the fuselage has a VAIO brand logo, and nothing special, somewhat similar to the Nexus 4.


: digitdiary) and high-end positioning of the high priced VAIO Z notebook take different routes, VAIO in the intelligent mobile phone is in the terminal entrance. This mobile phone is equipped with a 5 inch 720p screen, 2GB of storage space RAM+16GB, is equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 410 processor, the battery capacity is 2500mAh, the camera is the front camera 13 million pixel main camera 5 million pixels collocation. But the mobile phone

, bare metal price is as high as 51000 yen (about 2637 yuan), and only sold in japan. At the same time, the news broke VAIO Phone is actually OEM Matsushita's another mobile phone, manufactured by a Taiwan factory.

the final result is that Phone VAIO does not set off much of the waves in the Japanese market.

in February this year, VAIO has launched a VAIO called Phone Biz phone, which is the biggest feature is equipped with Microsoft's Windows 10 Mobile operating system.


VAIO Phone from: likeagain) Biz with a metal body, a business model, its configuration is as follows:

5.5 inch 1080P screen,

Qualcomm snapdragon 617 processor

3GB memory

16GB built-in storage, support 64GB Micro SD card expansion

1300 megapixel rear camera

500 megapixel front camera


battery capacity allocation is still not the most high-end, but much more than before with sincerity; plus Windows 10 Mobile system for configuration requirements are not as high as Android, can be said to be just passable.

in addition, the mobile phone also supports a unique Windows 10 system Continuum function, can be extended on the computer screen, mobile phone, synchronization office; this is where Windows 10 in the ecosystem under the condition of lack of unique advantages, can also be said that is why VAIO Phone Biz choose to use Windows 10 Mobile.

in April this year, Phone Biz VAIO Japanese market first listed. However, a few days ago, there is news that VAIO has a mobile phone has passed WIFI certification in the United States, which means that, as long as the re certification by VAIO, Phone Biz FCC is likely to enter the U.S. market in the future. Class= img_box "

(CEO Yoshimi Ota VAIO. Figure: asiaone

) in addition to the mobile phone business, VAIO CEO Yoshimi Ota said, VAIO will also seek ways to develop new business partners, such as robots, Internet devices and virtual reality (VR) technology. But so far, VAIO has not seen the specific actions in these areas.

VAIO will go where?

the current point of view, VAIO as a PC vendor has successfully survived, the future in the field of smart phones may also have a new as. But in view of the special nature of the company's VAIO itself, its future will be a number of variables.

this point, but also from the first to take over the JIP VAIO.

JIP, namely the Japanese investment fund (Industrial Partners Japan). When SONY announced the sale of its VAIO notebook business to JIP, the two sides agreed: JIP holds 95% of the shares of the new company, while SONY will continue to hold 5% of the shares of the new company.

only, JIP is not engaged in the production of products, it is a PE (private equity) fund company. According to the official website, JIP by Mizuho Securities, Bain Capital, NTT DATA United holdings, the fund is mainly for the Japanese domestic market for investment, is committed to promoting the development of Japanese industry, focus on emerging markets.

(figure from: earnmydegree)

business from the historical view, the operation method of JIP commonly used are: the acquisition of other companies some decline in business, and business for a period of time selling profit. A typical example, in 2008 JIP has been incorporated into the automotive LCD panel company OPTREX, until the beginning of 2012 the company to about 20 billion yen (about 196 million U.S. dollars) to sell the price of KYOCERA.

in addition, only between 2002 to 2013, the fund has completed 15 major investments and acquisitions, including ITX Corporation, YAMAHA Toyota, Caelum Inc (TOYOTA's CAD/CAM technology company), Le Tian KC, etc.. These investments and acquisitions in the market performance is not very prominent.

as a PE company, JIP at the beginning of the acquisition of VAIO need to consider the issue of exit mechanism. In other words, JIP although the acquisition of SONY's VAIO business, but its ultimate goal is to obtain profits through VAIO. and in the JIP plan, once the value of VAIO company to get promoted, it is likely to be sold in some way.

according to CEO Yoshimi Ota VAIO revealed that VAIO plans to be conducted before May 2018 IPO (initial public offering), or to seek another investment side to replace the Industrial Partners Japan. In fact, whether it is through the IPO market, or to seek outside the JIP investment side, are just JIP exit mechanism in the role of bale. After all, the two are able to make JIP get money.

(figure from: africabusinesssummit)

so that VAIO could be the result of two cases: the business of

VAIO have developed very well, great brand plus VAIO, the ultimate success of the market.

VAIO business development both good and bad, JIP will at some point in time, VAIO the transfer of shares to new investors to withdraw cash, of course, if the VAIO performance is very good, JIP will have more bargaining power.

as to who is the new investors may be giants apple, Microsoft and other related business, can also be another investment company; of course, may also be SONY himself, after all, SONY has a 5% stake in VAIO.

if a few years later, VAIO really back to the arms of SONY, then it can be used to experience such a word to describe:

left, is to come back. Figure

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