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we all know that when people are angry, they say that they are hurting people. But when angry, we completely ignore this awareness, even in the face of the children we love the most. So today, this article is to teach you to talk to parents. Remember to use finished, no thanks, I'm Lei Feng.

the following words

all parents will have a gun in the

I also have no sense of the word

practice, practice ah!

1, you are not obedient I (love) you don't

adults angry words, children because of lack of judgment, the will for gospel truth will only deepen, the child's sense of security, reduce the confidence of the child.

I would say: "

, let the child know that this thing he did wrong, but you still love him, I tried many times, each time very seriously and he said, but the effect is much better than scolding him, he realized the seriousness of the problem, but not afraid of fear.

2 and XXX are not like you

if a friend will say, will say: "XXX's mother does not like you! "

many times in fact children did not mean to do bad things, sometimes he has a mind is a powerful and unconstrained style, sometimes feel lonely to cause your attention, sometimes because of a mistake, in short, to listen to his heart much better than comparison scold.

3, how can you be so stingy, do not know how to share the

if you bought a new $LV package, I let you borrow me. Do you like it (forget this sentence which see)? Don't you like it? Favorite toys in the eyes of children sometimes just as adults LV package. He is not willing to share the time is not a direct rebuke but a positive guide, if the last is still not willing to do not force, and gradually he will know how to share, force will only be counterproductive.

I would say: "

is sometimes forced to let him share his more rebellious, how people treat you like you back pack away what is the mood, as long as appropriate to change the method the effect is much better, but also let him know, even to others will eventually play to his.

4, just do something, then I will reward you with

did not believe me, he will not eat ice cream after a few times! Class= img_box "

" he can choose to eat or not to eat, but to be responsible for their own decisions. However, the key point is that adults should adhere to the principle, or else is equal to not say. 3 times as long as you insist, then crying did not eat snacks, the next time he would decide for themselves obediently pay.

5, don't cry, hold me back! Class=

adults sad when they cry, why do you ask the children to hold back? People do not even have the right to vent the power of it?

that he will put to the polar cry several voice, then pit his eyes curved telling reason, soon enough fun to run, do not leave any sequela.

6, this is not too stupid, "

" failure is the mother of success, one of the children born to do anything? Some things in the adult look not what children do, but it is very difficult, do bad things to children is hard enough, parents don't make a good knife behind add fuel to the flames?

he heard that my mother has made mistakes, immediately think to find the right people, frustration is not so strong, will not because of fear of failure and fear fear.

7, shut up! Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" transposition thinking, if you hear this sentence is what mood? Will fly into a rage. If things go on like this child will not willing to share their thoughts with you any.

as a super gasbag and own toys are constantly automatic speaking people, I can not describe how often I got collapse in the human language, when he was in the ear twitter without end when is the only way to divert attention, it is the most effective.

8, why are you so timid? Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" please, you go out to see a stranger just say hello? Won't you be embarrassed? To the child, you are forced to say hello to the person is a stranger ah.

1, with friends simpledescription

2, said the understanding of children, and express greeting is a pleasant thing, but also because they love others take the initiative to greet. Class= img_box "

3 "content_img_p", all people like this, and this is courtesy. Class= img_box "

9, I'm all for your own good! Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" for you, not for my good.

I in order to Hello, but sounds completely different, let him try another way, there is a choice he would gladly accept.

10, not for you, how could I have become like this!

OS: the child's heart is not I beg you to give birth to me, you have my permission to give birth to me?

I would say: "

if the mother passed, children will be very afraid, that is what he has done wrong, you not only don't blame on him, he had nothing to do with his comfort. Sometimes I will return to a: Thank you for your mother's side, my mother love you.

11, you do not listen to the police uncle take you

police uncle: wrong, I'm good!

police were originally to protect people's security, the parents are so scared, when children encounter problems which dare to find the police, hiding all too late.

children are now thinking patterns have stayed at their original family, his father and mother, delicious snacks, kindergarten, then the cat and dog grass flowers too, once he put a small Ladybug trampled to death I am sad to say, ladybird mom and dad can't find it will be sad to cry every day, sitting on the roadside, ladybird, eat also can't sleep sleep, how to do well the poor, very sorry to say potatoes, and don't step on the ladybird.

12, you don't even listen to me, do you? Class=

"content_img_p" democracy, where is democracy? Do not suppress the child by the authority of the parents, the parents of the words may not be all right. Such families can only be trained to be a missile of the child.

to listen to the voice of the child, his answer will greatly exceed your expectations, a small head hidden in the big oh energy.

13, please don't bother me! Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" good, and then base! Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" generally I say thank you, the potatoes will be good to go away, this sentence has a magical magic. Of course, is not always effective, sometimes he is too tired or want to mother still around me, I see no effect will hold him to chat, then put him down.

some people say too difficult to raise a child, it should pay attention to the need to learn, of course, raising a child is definitely not easy than a decade.

a lot of my friends say that I'm so patient with potatoes, and if they're just a slap in the face. God knows I was a very impatient person, who knows how difficult to make potato is a sensitive child, timid heart … &hellip

; but I more than everyone knows that his heart is rich and fiery, smart and lovely, when someone else's mother, you will automatically become warm love. He in order to grow more healthy, you can do what others can not, others do not want to.

Li little, little bean @ soil home, WeChat public number: lidiandianVIP. 80, picture book cartoonist, now living in Germany, had a son named with potatoes, humorous comic record of potato growth, and not the same as the German parenting philosophy. Ten million mothers called: the mother's spokesman. Published books: "Meng Bao potatoes in Germany".

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