Softbank shares plunged more than 10% hit the biggest decline since 2012

Stock prices plummeted Softbank decline

fenghuangcaijing· 2016-07-19 13:24:57


tumbled 11% in Japan, 2012 to record the largest decline. Softbank agreed yesterday to spend 24 billion 300 million pounds ($32 billion) acquisition of the famous British chip giant ARM.

, according to Sina Finance reported on 19, Japan's Softbank confirmed Monday to 24 billion 300 million pounds ($31 billion 400 million) to buy the British chip designer ARM. The purchase price of 17 pounds per share, compared with last Friday's closing price premium of about 43%. Softbank said, top management team and headquarters plans to maintain ARM, and plan for the next 5 years at least twice the number of employees increased ARM.

ARM specially designed chip and chip components, the company's current market capitalization of approximately $22 billion. ARM was founded 25 years ago and currently has 4000 employees. This merger is expected to become the largest for the European technology company mergers and acquisitions.

had just a few weeks, the UK has just completed a referendum on the European off, the move is likely to reduce the attractiveness of the British business. But because ARM is a global chip design company, in the key areas of the chip occupies a leading position, revenue is also obtained through the U.S. dollar, so the impact of smaller.

pound against the yen exchange rate fell nearly 30% in the past year, thereby enhancing the attraction to Softbank ARM.

Softbank Group CEO Sun Zhengyi said Monday, Softbank's acquisition of British chip designer ARM Holdings for $32 billion (ARMH) of the agreement have not been made from recent British European decision and the relevant market turmoil.

announced the acquisition transaction in Softbank and ARM, Sun Zhengyi said at a news conference in London, UK and Europe did not affect the decision he sought the decision to acquire ARM, the UK last month off the European referendum triggered a sharp decline in Sterling did not let Softbank beat a retreat.

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