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7 16, the Spy Drama "decryption" officially ending. With its high ratings and the topic of the contrast, the drama in the watercress score of only 4.5 points, compared with the original author Mak before the film adaptation works "plot", "wind" and reputation far. Users Tucao focus on starring Chen Xuedong, he believes that the poor acting low the quality, a mathematical genius turned into the "idiot", "one more person Chen Xuedong ruined a movie".

"decryption" in Chen Xuedong's acting was approved, is referred to as a genius into a fool.

with the popular TV dramas have taken little meat "," high color value "strategy, on the screen a beautiful youth, but works as expected when the wonderful time, everyone Tucao firepower will be concentrated in small meat most of their body. However, a play bad reputation, all let the little meat starring a person back pot fair? "A person to destroy a play," the statement is true? NetEase entertainment interviewed the relevant industry, trying to find out who really should carry the mouth blame people. Chen Xuedong Zhang Yixing, who was awarded the poor acting director and producer behind

in addition to Chen Xuedong was "a ruined drama" in recent years, the breakdown of fire stars, almost all have suffered similar doubts. "

" in the old nine door Zhang Yixing, William Chan's acting is also being questioned.

in the same drama "old nine door" aired recently, starring Zhang Yixing's acting was tucao. Have net friend evaluation his expression is stagnant, almost from start to finish a facial expression. Another starring William Chan "in addition to posing is posing", each play with background music;

Tang Yan previously starred in the television series "energy-saving" broadcast, has been Tucao not acting, "a look, even bluntly as acting" played his college playing Wu Qian

nature; and Guli Nazha as the "sword" of the female main makeup as snow, out of a lot of people praise and originally, but as the series aired, netizens have Tucao her acting, bad expression affectation, cry show embarrassment, ruin the drama. "

in the face of doubt, this group of idol stars are quite modest. Chen Xuedong said in an interview, I grew up every year, will perform you feel the work of recognition. "But Zhang Yixing also criticized zhaodanquanshou," everybody needs to learn and experience, I am not a professional actor, acting is questioned, there are some negative voices, to accept and enjoy learning, take these bad voice into power. "

worked with them are also" behind "attitude. "Decryption" plays when Guo Jingfei Zheng has said Chen Xuedong played very well, "his role not just the right, for a never learned professional acting people, can become like this now has been very easy, I really love him. We look at the problem is not across the board, said little meat not acting. Old play bone is not necessarily a play, not all the actors are very cattle. "

and" decryption "Director Ann built in the time when it comes to Chen Xuedong also paid for his affirmation. "" decryption "is Chen Xuedong starred in the first series, I was to take" decryption "before he appeared in the film" the times "see. It can be said, "

"decryption" the play of his great challenge, "Yung Kim Jin" this role is a role in the color for him. His performances sometimes seem childish, but he was very hard, very clever, 17 million fans were certainly smarter than I am. "

" producer "old nine door white Cong interview admits little meat and the old drama of bone is a gap, but for William Chan and Zhang Yixing's performance is satisfactory," William Chan is a very dedicated actor, he was hanging coercion during the shoot hanging hundreds of times; Zhang Yixing is also a a very serious and very serious actor, often go to the room later, and the director continues to discuss the plot. "

pot back injustice! Do poor also take high fee of hard work is not enough

small meat are acting slightly tender, but it is called "a man ruined a drama" really fair? When accepting NetEase entertainment interview, vice president of the Chinese Academy of film literature, the famous screenwriter Wang Hailin think very fair".

"you can't just take advantage of the cheap, this thing is like this. People of other actors hard temper acting, what do you do not go up when the star, but also to get so much money, you have to make it up. Do not hold up, the audience laugh at you, that deserve this pot ah, you must back ah, you don't back who back? And no one else was doing it. "

moment, little meat they paid innovative high, insiders claimed that the most popular top small meat, TV price basically close to 100 million yuan. By virtue of "Princess promotion", Sheng Yilun, Zhang Tianai bursts in the beginning of the fee is only tens of thousands of hazy, Huang Jingyu, Xu Weizhou starred in "addicted" when the fee of only 20 thousand people, now these quotations are thousands.

in recent years, small meat have jumped.

Wang Hailin believes that television is different from the film, mainly to see the narrative ability of the screenwriter and actor's performance, so the actor's choice must be professional. If you find a part-time actor professional but hard, no good script. "The camera to you, is the test of the charm of your performance, you say the charm of the lines, if this is not enough, then you will not. "

he doesn't deny that some young actors when not acting, a long time will slowly opens," like you "before" the true colour of a hero were Zhou Runfa, Dillon, and played the worst is Leslie Cheung, he was a little meat, behind the "ghost story", "Farewell to My Concubine" when he it becomes an artist, performing better than anyone else. "But Wang Hailin for the current small meat is not optimistic. "Our little meat now, according to my observation is that a lot of hard work, not hard, not serious. "

director You Xiaogang had publicly mentioned that they take a good role for actor's development, but the actor did not choose this role, but the choice of another, just because another play easier. A

insider also revealed at the same time, once a war drama and drama to find a popular male star, the former was solid, the script character color, but he eventually chose the latter, because the latter shot in Taiwan, you can not make yourself too dirty too tired every day.

"is a lot of actors to make money, is to live comfortably, we give him so much money, you will be in the pursuit of such a person, I think that this is not what I hope, these actors are not what hope. Played out this drama is not to say that you respected you can play the male one, you have to play well you can be respected. Said Wang Hailin.

producer responsibility! In violation of the law of creation to shoot

drama PPT drama, chose the best IP story, the most popular actor, actor regardless of how the acting is also hard to play, but the final word of mouth is not ideal. In the case of Wang Hailin, the producer should have the greatest responsibility.

because you chose the wrong actor, chose a very bad actor in the play, so this responsibility can not be exactly the actor. Because the actor himself is very hard, he wanted to play well, but he did not play well, you put him in an inappropriate position. "

Wang Hailin think, just pay attention to the value of the production concept is very ridiculous. "They think that good-looking people can make money, would love to see the audience, the audience is not a fool, see a TV set of two sets, a long time, everyone is watching to see the story narrative. People look good, you shoot a MV, take a swimsuit photos, 40 minutes to shoot people can not stand, right?

had producer Tucao said, to spend money to buy an expensive IP, and then play on the sell, the producer of silly X also able to. "If you have enough money on the line, to buy IP, then find a few small little meat meat, how much money and how much money the crew get sold. What is the difficulty of the producer? True producer level is not reflected here, it does not require level.

but in the current film and television industry, capital operation has seriously affected the traditional art of writing. According to insiders claimed that, like in the drama movie actor without thinking, "he will tell you to walk a few steps back, laugh, it is directed to the effect of. "

and Wang Hailin also affirmed the existence of this phenomenon. According to his introduction, and now the film industry is still in the popular one to the technical trend. "Is to reduce the performance of the threshold, we are all to pose on the line, that is, PPT tv. "The benefits of doing so, first, can make it easy in the capital the selection and cultivation of the actor," he doesn't need to study and training an actor acting, because acting is the most difficult, and the success rate is very low. But he can only find a face look good, do not need acting, he will be able to red, this is not the best? In terms of capital, he welcomed the actor, he can copy a large number of. "

second, in the play, PPT TV will no longer need to spend time to cultivate a good writer," he needs this play has four characters to do the screenplay, written four people can write, you can. Good play too strenuous, temper is not good, looking for children can be accounted for cheap, this is not about to change, for they have no what to say, because he didn't want to change any fame, who changed. "

vicious circle! The writer did not experience TV heavy yen value light quality

in large IP and respected producers crazy little meat in the environment, plays and TV production will inevitably become a ring to be sacrificed. Caused by the audience Tucao sound after the TV drama aired, which are reflected in the chain effect. About the recent hit drama plays, Wang Hailin believes there are a variety of problems, but it is not necessary to blame screenwriter. "There is nothing to blame the writers, you give people so little money, but also please do not have a good. Because you have to spend money to buy the big IP, you find this young child to write, they did not write, it is estimated that no experience. "

" to his old nine door "for example," you get a master mountain, written nearly nine sets did not write. What plays to attract the audience, what is the main line, what is the auxiliary line, what is the character, what is the relationship between the characters of suspense, construction, deconstruction and reconstruction, these things are not. These strokes are not, you pull up on the top four TV started broadcasting, it is not a disgrace? The first is no nutrition, second is no value, third is not fun, nor good-looking. "

and the broadcast platform sought after and pay, in Wang Hailin seems to be exacerbated by this" vicious circle". "A prime time broadcast TV plays, common sense did not solve the problem, this is justified. TV is not to say that the trial is very strict? What they see is only a small meat, nymphomania nymphomania. Just look at the face, watching the face of it, whatever you say, the story of mere trash it also, this means that they did not see his. "

is a movie success factors in deciding the outcome of the current television environment to make responsible practitioners feel worried. "One is performing second plays no threshold, no threshold, packaged into IP+ small meat, do beautiful, and then put the TV people rebate to the full, the play was sold. Then the money to buy a ratings, film and television industry is too cool, because he has no technical difficulty, as long as the money, as long as the shameless, this thing can be done. "

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