SONY's new flagship exposure, to pay tribute to Lumia?

Lumia SONY flagship is in

aifaner· 2016-07-19 16:00:40

Samsung this year with S7&S7 edge and gain the reputation and sales, and the other side of the SONY mobile situation to a lot of embarrassment. Posted on MWC equipped Xiaolong 820 flagship X Performance not only in the important market, Chinese listed, and even listed area is in released after a few months to be long in coming.

now has an even more embarrassing fact is that these consumers have just bought Performance X soon, they may find their flagship behind the times. Because SONY Mobile has recently revealed a new flagship machine and real news.

GFXBench database appeared a new model for the F8331, from the SONY calendar year model named, this new machine will be the second half of this year's flagship, at least one version of the flagship.

Gsmarena in the day before drying out of a group of new spy plane, allegedly F8331 real machine diagram.


from the point of view, SONY F8331 will use the full balance design of Z series is completely different from before, the new design is called "Tube Design". Compared to the vast majority of the market and the "net cop", is really out of the ordinary. As is not similar to the previous classic models, each person has their own answers. However, I suggest, not seen, touched the real machine before you don't jump to conclusions.

the real machine diagram also revealed a series of details of F8331, such as the front will cover a larger arc curved glass, equipped with dual flash flash, double top and a black module (perhaps laser focus, may also be such as Samsung the heart rate detection), using USB Type-C interface.

from love van son (micro signal: iFanr) informed of the news, F8331 configuration is not the top. Because the F8331 is likely to continue from the beginning of the Z2 3GB RAM, the processor will continue to use Xiaolong 820 (although the performance compared to 821 Xiaolong Xiaolong 820 little progress).

also in the SONY tradition, rear camera F8331 new CMOS will debut SONY, from the 13 million pixel front camera Performance X front camera can be seen, F8331 should not be lower than the configuration.

F8331 screen size is 5.1 inches, do not know whether or not to calculate the location of the virtual keys.

has leaked photos of the real machine, but SONY may have to wait until September will be released IFA. This also means that in the next few months on the Chinese mainland market, SONY is the only mobile flagship 4K screen mobile phone - Z5 Xperia enjoy the version.

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