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huanqiuwang· 2016-07-19 16:07:08

local time on July 17th at 7 in the morning, Pacific Rim -2016 drill gun shooting competition in the Pacific Missile Range near Hawaii islands. In the last more than and 10 hours of the race, from Chinese, America, France, Australia and other 11 countries participating in the ships have carried the gun shooting on the specified latitude, China naval missile destroyer Xi'an, Hengshui ship missile frigate to participate in the shooting competition.

local time on July 14th, to participate in the Pacific Rim -2016 exercise Chinese naval fleet in Hawaii near a sea organization launched assault boats drills in the vast Pacific storm, my officers and soldiers using standard operation, agility and skill show excellent professional level.

local time July 15th "In fourth days, Pacific Rim -2016 drill offshore implementation stage, China where the Navy 3 ships of the 175 task force launched the warning screen formation, rescue drowning people, boat boarding and inspection, fleet movement and sea light weapons firing and other training items. Class= img_box "

sea shooting exercise. Class= img_box "

sea light weapons fire drill.

Chinese Navy dispatched dingey.

rummage get caught drills.

is certainly the China and foreign Navy participating submarine rescue troops.

the Chinese naval fleet participating in Submarine Rescue Command commander Du Changyu introduced, there have been submarine rescue "familiar" day "on the day".

through communication, submarine rescue forces participating in the two sides have reached many understanding and consensus, have a thorough understanding of the content of the exercise, the next procedure and organization method etc.. Class= img_box "

" "the first phase of the exercise has reached the goal. Du Changyu believes that the rescue submarine life exchange is very pragmatic, involving a wide range of content and depth.

China in submarine rescue officers and soldiers demonstrate professional technology and quality, won the praise and affirmation of foreign staff, but also for the next step to lay a good foundation for offshore drilling.

and the other 4 ships of the Chinese ships participating in different Chinese, as the Navy's "star ship, hospital ship peace ark is the second time to participate in military exercises in the Pacific rim.

maritime hospital believes that the peace ark participating, more experienced, better prepared, and foreign military medical staff to communicate the depth and breadth also increased.

866 "peace ark hospital ship

572" Hengshui "Chinese naval ship

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