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Rate of return business China international students

tengxunjiaoyu· 2016-07-19 16:09:55

with the rapid development of China economy and the acceleration of global economic integration, more and more foreign Chinese (course) students choose business major, the rapid formation of a multi-year high heat "business students". In June 19, 2016, Eic group invited global business school entrance examination (GMAT) organizers -- the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) in Beijing, jointly issued the "Chinese student business students report". The report shows that in FAME (finance, accounting, management, Economics) as the representative of the 4 major business is still ranked the most Chinese students welcome the subject list.

as a high investment professional, business students after graduation rate of return is particularly concerned. The Graduate Management Admission Council survey data show that in 2016, worldwide received business graduate education of the students, business education help themselves to get personal return (93%), occupation (89%), return the financial returns (75%); and the research that is willing to recommend their business projects to the people. Overall, the net value of the various business projects (Promoter Score Net - NPS, the most popular customer loyalty analysis index) is very high. 93% of the graduates said that business input-output ratio is very high, if there is a chance to choose again, still can choose business.

on business students after graduation to pay, the "report" survey data show that the average business graduates starting salary of about 87 thousand yuan per year. With more than 5 years of working experience in business graduates in the current annual income has basically achieved the salary doubled, reaching about 162 thousand yuan a year. In addition, professional and professional and salary levels are directly proportional to the degree of work and professional business graduates stamina enough, salary growth, an increase of large.

but the report survey data also show that about 4 of the business to study abroad graduates think it is very difficult to find a job and more difficult". How about the successful employment, the "report" shows that business graduates think they can cause job success on the top five are: (63.5%) language ability, professional ability, work experience (53.9%) (48.9%), (46.6%), internship experience double cultural background (28.7%). In the eyes of many commercial people, in addition to professional skills, communication skills are considered to be an important business person in the workplace, is an important factor in the success of job seekers.

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