Star bright! Chen Xiao Michelle Chen wedding guests exposure

Chen Xiao Michelle Chen stars distinguished guests

fenghuangyule· 2016-07-19 17:14:37

Joe Chen traced the bridesmaids member

tomorrow is Michelle Chen Chen Xiaoda wedding day, two loving show very high profile couple, the wedding industry security is very tight, so far, only know that the wedding venue in Beijing Yanqi the lake, and the details of the wedding, the list of guests attending such information were not disclosed. The bride Michelle Chen stops, proclaiming himself for the "world's most beautiful bridesmaids", but refused to disclose her name, adjustable foot mass appetite.

however, this afternoon, making dresses for the bridesmaids wedding brand issued an article, leaked the secret". The article said that Michelle Chen's friend Joe Chen, Zhongxin Tong and Hu Bingqing and three other Taiwan bestie will serve as the maid of honor, and make all the clothes have been in the final stage of adjustment.

Michelle Chen Liu Shishi (information)

it is reported that tomorrow there will be 300 people to attend the wedding, "double Chen exposed list includes Willber Pan, Joseph Cheng, Ariel Lin, Huo Wenxi, Yu Zheng, Liu Shishi, Joey Yung, Ding, Dong Zijian, black Yu Dong, Jin Qiaoqiao, Huang Jianxin, Lu Yi, Yuan Shanshan, Song Jia, Tong Dawei, Aarif Lee, Wang Ziming, Zhu Yawen, Zhang Duo, Chen Xiang, Qiang Yu, Qin Junjie, Mou Xiaojie, etc., can be described as star studded light.

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