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wangyituji· 2016-07-19 22:02:44

today, the netizen released the latest pictures Chinese Feibao B on the network, from this picture it is clear to see the aircraft compared to the original leopard added new equipment of electronic cabin and backward warning radar antenna. Although from the outside can not see much difference with the old one, in fact, leopard B "the viscera are take on an altogether new aspect.

due to air intake and engine thrust unit model than the original engine increased by 50% or more, and the design of stealth shape needs, so the new method is simple to use and no leopard leopard amplification of the original body. A new copy of the engine is larger than the WS-9 turbofan engine "and" Rice Routh "diameter, but also short. Therefore, the researchers of the original engine aerodynamic shape and internal structure of the body make snap improvement. The workload of the complex, no less than the re design of a new aircraft.

B designed by the forefront of contemporary leopard DSI clam type I inlet, fuselage uses lots of new composite materials, so the aircraft body weight than before a lot of light, and the body structure strength than the original increased. Because the body increases machine fuel quantity increase, so the combat radius of Flying Leopard B second to none in the active duty military equipment of several new combat aircraft combat radius. In shape; Chinese Feibao B using the new design style with moderate swept leading edge flaps on the wing.

, in addition, in order to improve the stealth performance and strengthen the aerodynamic shape, Flying Leopard B using the "S" shaped inlet, and the inlet in the spraying of nano absorbing coating, in order to reduce the aircraft front RCS and infrared signal features. And have a wing body fusion technology, application of the whole machine model of composite material increased significantly. B mode has been changed Feibao improvement for built-in telescopic "soft" refueling equipment, in order to further strengthen the stealth. Therefore, B is the first use of Chinese Feibao computer aided design modified shape stealth fighter bomber.

in the imaginary on the East China Sea military confrontation in the domestic game, JH -7 Flying Leopard fighter bomber, is considered to be a weapon of PLA this is similar to the "gun" or "horse" of this kind. Optimists believe that the leopard cluster has the ability to destroy the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force from the air majestic-looking "ten · nine fleet;". The pessimists suspect, "Flying Leopard" hanging subsonic anti-ship missile, difficult to pierce the 6 Japanese iron bastions aegis air defense destroyer built "". Now users upload the latest pictures of B shows the leopard leopard B horse is not possible.

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