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in last month's E3 game show, Microsoft released a new game host Xbox One S, today, Microsoft officially announced, Xbox One S will host in August 2nd officially on sale, the sale of the version for the 2TB storage capacity version, priced at $399.

500G and 1TB version of the Xbox One S release date was not disclosed, the first batch of sale includes 25 European countries in Asia, including Chinese, and not in the first sale list.

prior to Xbox China President Xie Enwei said in an interview, China's One S Xbox will meet with the players at the end of the year.

new Xbox One S host exactly with the generation of the difference, it is worthwhile to buy, if you buy what should buy, love fan children (micro signal: iFanr) to tell you the answer. One S

Xbox in the end what to do to improve?

love fan children have been in the beginning of this new host, finishing summed up the One S Xbox update highlights.

if you update Xbox One S have probably understood that can be skipped by love song fan edit pattern finishing this section.

but the attendant problem is, One S Xbox in the end is not worth buying?


video) Xbox One S country line distance to sales and a period of time, because President Xie Enwei Xbox China District in an interview revealed that the Chinese version of Xbox One S plans to meet with the game player at the end of the year.

so in the One S Xbox before the sale, love van son (public number: iFanr) to collect some information to improve, and finishing summed up the following can be used as a reference item to buy content.

Xbox One S appearance to say the most obvious improvement, it is none other than non appearance.

new design to reduce the volume of 40%, and the original huge external power module compressed into the interior of the body.

of course under compression is costly, so than connection interface Kinect before it was cancelled.

but the good news is that Microsoft allows eligible users to apply for a wireless receiver free of charge.

Xbox One S for the design, there are users in Tucao also disguised praise:

this is four years ago, the machine should be. Of course

is more sharp Tucao:

volume was reduced by 40%, the design is more visible before the failure of … …

no matter what ideas are good, now Xbox One S compact and beautiful.

if your living area is not large, want to have a small size and no additional area of the host, then the new One S Xbox to meet these needs.


as an entertainment device, which is the most important of course is the actual experience.

new Xbox One S 2TB has the highest storage capacity, can be resolved after the embarrassment of insufficient storage.

and in addition, the new handle of the stochastic collocation, make adjustments in detail, a new texture design makes it a good operating experience, to further enhance the grip handle, it also supports Bluetooth connection.

and although Microsoft did not say so, but it should be using a new SoC chip, the Xbox One S HDR can make the game (High Dynamic Range) effect.

according to the official description of HDR technology will make the contrast between bright and dark is higher, the details of the presentation and color is more abundant, with the technology will bring real visual depth of the game.

Rod Fergusson "according to the people responsible for the war machine 4" said that the HDR technology will get better in the details of the rendering of the armor.

only have friends said, HDR brought about by the upgrade, although there are, but the effect is not too obvious, it is better to buy a Sony tv.

, while CNET's editor, said that the game experience may be seen in a more vivid and more dark their enemies".

overall, if you handle grip higher, or in the fierce palpitate to experience a better experience that flash light effect is temporary, then Xbox One S is worth considering. As for

there is a demand for 2TB storage users do not need to see the other, directly elected One high version of Xbox S, this is the only 2TB Xbox storage equipment, even the standard version of the Xbox One S is 500GB.

video One

Xbox has been in the living room, One S Xbox is no exception.

HDR technology not only provides a new host for the game, and also provides the better compatibility Blu ray and 4K video support. This makes the Xbox One S

4K Blu ray has become an entry-level, so that part of the needs of users little excitement:

is currently the cheapest Blu ray 4K confidential more than 4 thousand yuan XOS, only less than 2000, can play the game, you don't have it black. Of course, if

did not think there is no 4K Blu ray sources of domestic problems, estimates will continue to go on exciting. But surely

always has friends can buy 4K Blu ray discs in the overseas, so Xbox One S is the price they may choose.

is the new Xbox One S built-in infrared module, the remote control can take the form of this function, the love child norm not to recommend buying advice, after all, buy a thousand equipment only to remote control function too extravagant.

new One S Xbox worth buying it? And PS4 than it? Class= img_box "

Xbox new One S is about to be listed, and there is an eternal topic appeared: One S Xbox worth buying? Is to buy this or to buy the old model? Do I buy a national bank or a Hong Kong version? Is to buy Xbox or buy PS4?

love fan children for you summed up a relatively complete game console to buy advice and guidance, whether to buy Xbox or PS4, are generally the first to find out such a problem:

China and Hong Kong or other what is the difference?

is either Xbox or PS4 have One country line version on sale, but for China and Hong Kong's equipment or some difference, the love child norm summed up the difference between the two games host country line version and overseas version for readers:

Xbox One, love fan children readers, direct purchase of overseas version, at present for Xbox in addition to the warranty is advantage, not be able to fully experience the fun of the game Xbox.

let us look at the difference between the PS4 National Bank and overseas versions:

can be summed up in one sentence: National Bank PS4 through the system backup, has been able to achieve the same function as the overseas version. And there's a warranty.

so if you tangle is to buy PS4's country line version of China or overseas, and overseas versions are actually can choose, in line with a warranty but each landing overseas account needs to be backed up in a foreign version of the machine, and on the state line version brush. Overseas versions can be free to visit any server, but no warranty.

understand the national line version of the host and the host of the overseas version of the difference, we see another player to debate the topic:

is buying One Xbox or PS4?

for this game circle eternal debate, it is estimated that many people will say:

PS4 is the hope to save the Japanese RPG, and Xbox is the best platform for the gun car ball.

but the label type definition is clearly not acceptable, as said Chinese are riding a giant panda took to the streets, Americans must go out his gun.

for Xbox One and PS4, the love child norm, or to see their own content for the game needs to settle, not excessive pursuit of exquisite degree of function and picture.

exclusive game is to decide to buy a very critical point. Whether it is PS4 or Xbox One, is the exclusive game platform, so if you love the mysterious sea, God of war, would not hesitate to choose PS4, if you love aura, war machine, no Xbox you can't play.

on the game operation, PS4 and One Xbox handle can be regarded as the world's best game operating equipment, each with advantages and disadvantages. On the sense of the game, the Kinect with the Xbox somatosensory device has more games, experience to be better than PS4. One S

Xbox to be on sale, I buy the new or the old one?

if you have decided to buy Xbox One series, is to buy the new Xbox One S with the old section of or as soon as possible, the love child norm (micro signal: iFanr) that, although the old is cheaper, but still with the new will make you feel more a sense of happiness.

Xbox One S on the appearance of the body has improved, but also optimize the experience the good handle, but also for the game provides HDR and support for 4K video playback, the price is only higher than the old one hundred yuan, why not buy new?

due to the current old One Xbox and PS4 are able to facilitate the purchase from multiple channels, love fan children want to start with the new One S Xbox reader to find the right way to buy.

how to buy One S Xbox more appropriate?

, although not yet officially on sale, but the Xbox website and Amazon provides pre-sale price, Amazon countries and the Xbox official website is basically the same, the price is as follows:

America: $399 (about 2672.8 yuan)

Canada: 499.96 Canadian dollars (about 2580 yuan)

UK: 349.99 pounds (about 3098.7 yuan)

France / Germany / Italy 399.99 euros (about 2966.9 yuan)

single from the price, the cheapest Canada Britain's most expensive, but at present most of Europe and the official website of Microsoft does not support overseas direct mail, it means to buy in these countries, the need to transfer to pay higher fees, shopping. Transport process is also more trouble.

but unlike other European countries, the French Amazon is the support of overseas direct mail, so if you want to open in the first time with the customer service of a Xbox One S, love fan children suggest that you choose the French amazon. As for the website of the French, through a number of translation tools will be able to understand.

wrote in the end: do you really need a game console?

for whether you really need a computer to play games, must first clear a misunderstanding, that is the host of the screen will be better than the computer. in fact, due to the cost and function, the host performance is not up to the high level of the computer, so if you want to experience the best picture of the game, PS is your best choice. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" then why should choose a host? First, because the game makers will own the game special optimization of the host, which is why the distance is now very long Xbox 360 host, can still cause a lot of PC animals can not afford to run the classic GTA5. So if you ignore the cost of a single game to buy, then buy the host can make you save a lot of money on the equipment.

and either handle or body, the host can bring you the game experience more simple and fun, do not need to install a variety of annoying on the computer plug-in, consider the compatibility, the long wait for the installation process, as long as the corresponding host into the game disc or download digital games, are able to experience the fun of the game, interactive and handle and body feeling, can also provide you with more fun games.

in the end, just a word, if you want to experience the real charm of the game, go to choose a game console.

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