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Host distributor the mainland the flight attendant

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killed 26 people in Taiwan host so thrown pot

observer network reported on July 19th, today (19 days) at noon, Taiwan Taoyuan airport taxiway from the crashed car accident, a bus carrying Chinese tourists to visit the car crashed into a guardrail for unknown reasons, the accident has caused 26 people 24 tourists from the Chinese mainland and Taiwan guide the driver were killed.

this afternoon, host and guest political explosion Gua "programs of Taiwan Zhongtian news" to discuss the accident cause so serious casualties.

which host Zhou Yuqin had put forward such a problem: this time the accident will not be (mainland tourists) safety education problems? Does the life hammer not use? Mainland China and Taiwan security education, no one to teach? Class= img_box "

Zhou Yuqin said: "if the situation occurs, the passengers have a clear, is to make a response, to escape the. We all know that the car is a hammer, you use it to break the glass can at least get out, but this time but unfortunately, he didn't see … … "

Taiwan host unexpectedly after the disaster in the the problem thrown pot, the mainland users cry:

site guests former KMT legislators Lin Yu Fang also refuted the host this problem: first, you can determine the car must have a hammer Son?

second, if the tour car hit too hard, do not have a lot of people have been on the first time syncope, injuries, he may not be a moment, because the oil burning in that space, the speed is very fast. "

finally," the glass is not all of a sudden you can break, so there is no teach? "When the plane, flight attendants will sit for safety demonstration in the escape door position, tell you what to do. Do we (drivers or Guides) have to do this?

Lin Yu Lin Yu also raised the question: escape is the best way to stay two door, let sit at the door when they had accidentally opened the door quickly. But sometimes in the case of the impact, there is no way to open the door, only the driver can open. In the case of the distribution tray burned, there is no way to open the door. "So to study, there is no way to improve it. "

Taiwan media reported that the fire buses to the Korean car panel under the driver's seat

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