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Cold Steel America | Evaluation Division Li Ping cold steel company,

1980 by Lynn Thompson and martial arts Hunter founded in the United States,

is a famous American Diversified cold knife, knives, knife manufacturers,

most high-end products produced in Japan, in the end Chinese in Taiwan, in the low-end Chinese,

, Aus series there are all kinds of high-grade steel, three production tool products, the quality of

cold steel, the tool is relatively stable, the factory belongs to the sharpness of the industry benchmark level.

cold steel company's product performance is not the industry's top, on the price is not the lowest, but the price is less than the right person,

, especially as a tool for practical purposes.

and cold steel, there are many other companies without novelty products, such as

used in the manufacture of modern synthetic materials Australia back engraved African spear, and the performance of

with high-quality production technology excellent samurai sword,

meet the curiosity of the market and help take different martial arts martial arts can be convenient to buy appropriate training equipment for production of

cold steel knife must adhere to high performance, i.e., from the smallest and cheapest to most expensive knives, must meet this requirement. The performance of

for each knife must be beyond its price, which is to be "money". Cold in order to achieve this goal, Steel

the United States cold steel full input to study the conditions of high performance knife must have.

knife, which includes cross section, thickness, blade geometry, blade geometry, steel and heat treatment,

each condition were lapping to all the details, the best integration in order to achieve all the special purpose knife. If

is cold steel knife, focus on its locking system, structure to ensure that the strongest and most secure.

if the handle, the perfect combination is committed to the development of materials on human engineering, to provide a comfortable, secure grip.

"rigorous testing" is the only way to ensure that the required performance level is obtained.

on the Internet can often see the cold steel company to take their products to carry out a variety of rigorous testing to ensure that their various aspects of superior performance.

today we test the cold steel, a product of the Zulu king of spears originated in Africa, the United States Steel

brand Cold

model 95FS

cold steel blade material SK-5

was 95.6 CM

long blade 34.3 CM

blade handle material thickness of 0.22 CM


from Taiwan rosewood < / annex K sheath

weight 1226 grams of a group of

out of the box according to

transport security, tightly wrapped is squeezed and deformed, but

did not affect the product inside. Class= img_box "

inside the packaging box intact,

not even a fold.

cold steel packaging is simple atmosphere,

content is very visual effect,

makes it easy to associate with the African Indigenous Hunting scene.

plastic film,

with excellent workmanship K sheath is more suitable for field use,

portable also protects the user maximum from accidental injury.

premium wax wood handle,


is appropriate,

waved strong, close

puncture and chop are.

handle small pores can play a non slip role.

spear smooth lines,

edged on said

sharp of excellent

black coated white edge line,

has great sense of visual impact,

make people shiver all over though not cold!


can be used alone, and can also handle together with the use of

free combination,


finger pressing

, no burr, no traces of

release, high level of technology,

steel cold enough to reflect the company's pursuit of quality, the customer is responsible for the attitude.

shaft interface used

welding technology and non ordinary crimping riveting process,

improve firmness, fixing method of

vertebral screw handle,

to spearhead and guarantee not stab prey when the pump back off. The groove part of

stamping as a blood slot,

if you do not come out, will cause the prey in a very short time in the excessive loss of blood.

spear type

smooth line, fine workmanship, good grip handle


hacking puncture powerful, "img_box"

chopping ability is not inferior to the mountains a knife, a new function of many


dried wood,

will soon be cut off.

can see no damage to the blade.

freefall insertion,

height and chest,

insertion depth of 5MM.

whether you are hunting or watching the house, it is a

called the hand weapon!

live tree mountain cut wood,


cut off the coating did not obviously fall off, and zoned spent.

symmetry and sharp edged.

single hand push easily pierce the iron drum and rubber tires

Wan Kai Fu Mo sweeping momentum! Design of

K sheath fast, both sides can open


K sheath can also be fixed in position with a bandage,

a variety of carry options.

iron drum easily pierced sheet strength in the hands,

and see this amazing spear damage from the wound of the barrel can be irregular,

hunting in the wild killer!

chose a rubber tire to do the test,

is because the rubber tire hardness and toughness are similar with the real animal flesh,

can more intuitive reaction product performance.

puncture actions are the one hand, the

insertion process did not prevent astringent and

pull out the action is also very smooth.

attached test video for your reference number,


cut corrugated, neat and quick, smooth and clean


no messy.


2.7MM thickness of the blade is not vague push up.

(for the format, not on the video, you can click "read" see the video yo ~)

single card tin

end tip thorn no curl deformation,

edge without any traces of

single card rubber tire

imitate the hunting scene,

easily hunted animal, reduce

the necessary physical exertion.

summary of advantages:

this is an excellent product,

development of stamping forming, strong

45, degree of edge angle on chopping ability,

willow pointed puncture,

design, smooth lines, elegant shape, exquisite craft

, coating adhesion,

feel quite comfortable, enjoy the use of process


steel based on reason, disadvantages:

edge is easy to rust,

recommends the use of timely nursing oil.

can be considered in the tail of the handle to add a hole,

used to wear a rope.

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