Korean media review of China's ten handsome guy, the first is his!

A Chinese handsome Fahrenheit

juziyule· 2016-07-20 05:20:04

Korean media like it does not allow us to comment on some of the ten big guy in China, which is not, orange Jun see the list.

after all the same world, the same fans sister, come and see our taste like, who is on the list, the orange Junlai column for you!

is married to Chen Xiao today, I really think this photo monkey good-looking ah!!!

" to tell the truth, Chen Xiao is no matter from which angle, facial features are very tough looking ah.

"at that time, Lu Zhen legend" in South Korea but caused a boom up, so Chen Xiao also attracted sister pickled cabbage bold confession, "Chen Xiao's acting skills and temperament of people gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory was my ideal type, shape. "

well, and for a long time to get out of Wu Chun, the orange monarch also very puzzled, when before or Fahrenheit does in the Han Guoting fire. Class=

"content_img_p" did not expect this charm is still so big ah, this is a bit out of the blue.

and Hongkong star Raymond Lam, although now a young uncle, but did not lose a small meat now.

although we may not pay much attention to people, but the people of the South Korean people is mature charm may prefer metrosexual man.

and our overbearing advocate Representative John Tang, it can be more, "meteor shower", "Shanshan coming"...

last year, Zhang Han also participated in the Seoul Television Festival Awards ceremony, with "Shanshan" to the "star of Asia" actor, remember Zhang Han "Teacher Yi yiskills to speak" surprise to many people.

and Zhang Han often with popular Korean star, such as Park Shin Hye ↓

class= "content_img_p" >

and a piece of film Song Joong Ki, then both are very sentimental. So ah, Zhang Han in South Korea's awareness is still quite high.

on the list is Joseph Cheng, people don't think the popularity is not good, practical joke "kiss" the impression that is good enough to remember for a lifetime!

and ah, Joseph Cheng and South Korea also quite fate, 2010, Joseph Cheng as a singer to enter the Korean entertainment circle, also blocked "carved guy" title. Class= img_box "

14" years, but also with Hu Ge Kim Su Hyon, a piece of the network popularity award". Class= img_box "

15 years, was also invited to participate in the Seoul fashion week. So, ah, it seems that the election is not an accident, after all, is the premise of the people of South Korea people know. Class= img_box "

Jay Chou not to mention it, as long as the Korean mention Jay Chou, the South Korean people will say, "ah! Jay Chou, understanding! "

a happy will give you a few words to the songs of Jay Chou, and ah, the" secret "of the film in South Korea famous fried chicken.

so we don't list the charm of little wit Providence will not forgive ah, you say it!

Jimmy Lin on the list is also an orange Jun did not expect, because the most fire time has passed, did not expect the South Korean people also on his handsome face is difficult to forget.

Jimmy Lin to enter South Korea in 2001 when, at that time the film records are affected by the South Korean people love, even Kim Hee Sun said Jimmy is his idol.

12, Jimmy Lin and South Korean actor Jang Na Ra in the movie "fly", was also invited to participate in the Fuchuan international Fantastic Film Festival, was quite popular hot!

, of course, Chinese ten handsome absolute little also not now flow niche among them, luhan.

Luhan popularity in South Korea but also with me, also debuted in Korea, so South Korea do not have to worry about the national awareness.

after you see the League to go to Korea, is still super fans sister to pick up popularity only to do not come down ah!

in addition to Luhan and Li Yifeng repeatedly went to Korea to participate in the activities of the peak film advertising is also obtained many South Korean people like ah. Class= img_box "

light to see Li Yifeng in South Korea's shuttle video, you should be able to feel the popularity of it.

not only pick up many people, Li Yifeng also participated in the 2016 SIA Asia Fashion Award, as the only China finalists won the Style Icon award, an outstanding representative of ours!

look when we play Li Yifeng, who is a Korean Guomei paper face anthomaniac ah, ha ha ha seems we are the same. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" above the order, ah, there is no ranking, but the list of Korean media published on the list. But it is said that occupy the top is a small sun Zhong Hanliang!!!

is the last year, Zhong Hanliang also participated in the Seoul TV Festival, also won the "Asia Star Award", walking the red carpet when no less win scream ah.

as saying the South Korean people seem to love to see "energy-saving", or good works to the audience left a deep impression!

the last sentence in fact this Korean media award fried chicken, not on the list of fans don't love beans when ah, in our hearts the most handsome is good!

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