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face damage is derived by the hunter skills, equal to 50% after injury. Reference mage skills. Because they don't want to OTK card group, so the face spells were cut down 1 points. A practical attack should be 1 for 4, 2 for 6 mind blast.

#p# hearthstone value formula "img_box" #e#

value formula "to summarize the hearthstone legend, this is the theoretical basis of this paper.

cost, injury, treatment (HP), card equation: general formula [


1 cost =2 property


......... Heroes attack... =2

...... after the attack...... life... =2


... =2... Hero damage... =1...

... After injury...... =0... Fee card

... =0.5...

... Card] all the cards must abide by the core value of the formula:

[X fee card value of 2X+2 attribute

(] this formula also called 2X+2 model or 2X+2 rules.

#p# nine categories of key words analysis of nine categories of key words:


damage to the hero of the 1 point of damage to the value of 1 attributes.

so X card can cause 2X+2 damage to the hero. But because of the direct face is IMBA, so the face effect was cut down most 1 damage.

to the following 1 points of damage to the value of 2 attributes.

so X card can cause X+1 damage to any target.

face damage is derived by the hunter skills, equal to 50% after injury. Reference mage skills. Because they don't want to OTK card group, so the face spells were cut down 1 points. A practical attack should be 1 for 4, 2 for 6 mind blast. If you do not cut, a variety of nuclear card group is very abnormal. Second

, treatment of

1 treatment (or armor) value of 1 attributes.

so X card treatment 2X+2 point of life value.

third, touch the brand value of 4 points

1 attributes (that is, 2 charges).

so X card, value 2X+2 point properties, touch (2X+2) /4 card. That is, 1, 1, 3, 2, 5, 3, 7,, and 4.

or 2Y-1 fee card, the value of 4Y attribute point touch Y card.

, that is, the vast majority of Mopai effect cards are in line with the 1 licensing fee of =2 formula, only a somewhat different card card. Some students want to use punch, Deathcoil and booty as examples to refute is untenable. Swipe, Deathcoil all belong to the condition of Pai, the default probability of 50% touch 1 cards, the cards value is only 50%*4=2 attribute, conforming to the model. The trophy as a dead language touch card followers, beyond the model is also normal.

fourth, followers call

to comply with 2X+2 rules. But there are three points of the special value of the reward and punishment -

[5 blood reward]. As a result of damage to 5 or more of the magic and weapons are very few, 5 blood followers with a card to change the potential of more than 5 of the blood has 1 points of additional value.

II [5 attack bonus]. Be able to eliminate 5 blood "card card to change a little more" potential of the 5 attack, also has 1 points of additional value

[0]. 0 attack entourage will be eaten by opponents without injury, to give the opponent a card with a small change of capacity, so the 0 attack has 1 points of negative value.

I know that the 5 blood awards, 0 is the majority of the punishment is the majority of the friends are recognized, but 5 of the award is controversial. In the current version, adding 5 bonus model is more in line with the existing follower card. So before the new card appears, I still adhere to the 5 attack bonus included in the value of the entourage.

fifth, followed by the elimination of

monomer to eliminate the enemy to comply with the 5 free, 3 fees have restrictions".

is the reason why the elimination of any 5 of the value of the attendant value, it seems because the 5 fee is the mean of 1 fee ~9 fee (10 fee followers only death wing, not consider).

's entourage destroy value of 2 or 3 fee, it is difficult to sample too little. Let

's entourage, equivalent to one's own silence and destroy the followers and touch this back after card, worth 0 fee.

#p# nine class keyword analysis two #e#

sixth, followed by the same

gain 2X+2 rule, but must be calculated as possible 5 blood reward and 5 attack bonus".


gives the following keywords and keyword assignment from the crystal highness model, tested, derived search princ.

[ridicule]: value 1 point attribute. [

] stealth: the value of 2 point attribute.

[anger]: the value is equal to the attack force.

[charge]: equal to the value of the attack force.

[Holy Shield]: the value is equal to the attack power plus 1 attributes.

[magic damage +1]: value 2 point attribute.

[freeze]: value 2 point attribute.

[silence]: value 3 point attribute.

eighth, weapons and weapons and spells, and

with the biggest difference is that the use of weapons to attack opponents in fact also additional loss of "hero life value" (although this is not the loss calculation on weapons). Therefore, the higher value in early life a hero, a number of followers in exchange for weapons hacked huge scene advantage; but in later life low value hero, with weapons Kanguai is tantamount to Dutch act, the basic weapons only cut face.

weapons are limited to the effect of card. Its "durability" is to use the number of times. Obviously, a Y point attack, Z point of durable weapons, a total of Y*Z points can be caused by damage, value Y*Z point properties.

weapons still comply with the 2X+2 rule, that is, the value of the X tag value 2X+2 point property, 2X+2=Y*Z.

ninth, the cost of a change in the cost of pure change

card does not comply with the 2X+2 rules, but directly to the 1 card =2 cost conversion.

cost change before the effect is rarely mentioned, only in the calculation of the devil guards and arcane puppet simple calculation. So this is a little for example.

is the most typical cost change spell is the Druid's 0 fee activation, strictly abide by the 1 card =2 cost formula. The activation itself is not beyond the model, but often makes to consume a large number of cards Druid cost by surprise moment control situation, is a small German killer.

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