Japanese netizens report chowhound: People's Liberation Army combat rations

Japan chowhound friends food rations

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< p > recently, Japan's big lobe website published entitled "the Chinese people's Liberation Army combat rations and tasting report", in this paper, a Japanese friends try to eat Chinese fighting a variety of food, write down the feelings, were also various Tucao. < p > the following Japanese friends try to eat Liberation Army combat rations and full text:

1. China People's Liberation Army combat rations "06 one-man instant food"

in addition to belong to the Chinese army combat rations called" individual self heating food "; this kind of food is and American MRE as the self heating function, food is fast food packaging into the heating can be carried out. In general (the total feeling is not generally … …) on the market to sell more than the rations seem to. So the

say, "get 06 single instant food" is actually quite rare and rare, this very happy. There is no relevant information.

monochrome packaging above the newly Chinese characters, the accident is also written in english. Written in large IMI (MEAL INDIVIDUAL INSTANT), the feeling is not Chinese flavor. Compressed food anti fatigue grain bar". Thanks to Chinese characters, it can be understood, but what is the meaning of "cereal bars" still do not understand.

Chinese people's Liberation Army combat rations "06 one-man instant food" < on the back of the package contents, weight, calories and other very detailed marked out. So small and light a piece of food rations actually have 1 million 49 thousand cards? It's almost like a packet of MRE. By the way, this is a time of 3 years.

time to get the Chinese army combat rations, immediately to the friends around the notice, China's combat rations to hand". That help people at ordinary times even if I fell off the bike or urinary stone to send the hospital first aid will not be too worried, this is all a face seriously said: "this … … no problem? Or do not eat the … … the body is the capital of revolution, ah, remember all about this reaction. No matter which suddenly changed the appearance of … … forget it, about the Chinese army is too terrible.

gossip. Immediately open a package to see, which is a bright color with aluminum packaging food. < p > < / P > < p > < br content: 1.05 reduction of food 2. Instant individual drink. Pork egg roll. Refreshing pickled mustard tuber. Energy bars

look inside, there is light brown powder. His nose to smell, a boiled kelp sprinkled longjiaoshan powder (a Japanese flu) strange taste. Because it is not clear water, with about 250ml cold water rushed down, and then turned into a cup of light brown barley tea the same liquid.

, with profound respect and humility sipping, taste … … close to the lemon tea? A little bit of taste, taste very fresh, good drink. This thing is not black tea, the feeling is Chinese tea with sugar and lemon mixture, about the other side of the taste is like this. In the

Chinese people's Liberation Army combat rations 06 one-man instant food "tea < p > here is" 05 compressed food ". Open the package, out of two pieces of plastic film bag with a hard soap, the same thing. Well, the surface of the packaging strip, what? Like a piece of plastic, with a nail to pull it off the powder as the same thing. It doesn't smell so much, it's more like a kind of "material."".

packaging back printed instructions. "There are hot water conditions", "2~3 times the water mix", "high energy porridge", "taste better". It seems that it is dry after the coagulation of porridge. Can also eat directly, 2 ~3 times after the hot water will be more delicious mean? Take a look at first. Well, it tastes like nothing, the feeling of the sea. Only a little bit of wheat and milk fat aroma, and Maritime Self Defense put the team in a raft of emergency food ", but taste a lot worse, with chewing sand like. Only a slight taste of the yeast in the mouth can make people a little bit of staple food. To the two are eating out, afraid of having difficulty.

Chinese people's Liberation Army combat rations 06 one-man instant food "porridge < so he poured two times the amount of hot water. Thought the results immediately softened, Tuotuo death concessions, must use a spoon to mash. But after a while, still can not stop the hot water erosion, suddenly become soft.

finally get out how to look like a baby weaning food like a pile of sticky. At the same time, a sweet and sour taste, reminiscent of the end of each year will lie near the station commercial street. Look again carefully, at the same time in the bubbling solid absorbent material. The unknown chemical reaction occurred after the water was added to the water.

is the next "pork egg roll". Stated rolls with pork egg, so is the meaning of the pork and egg rolls, right? Open the sealed package, which is two pieces of ham and eggs rolled up and cut into pieces. At first as cheap goods like New Year's day in the jellied meat. But and just that "porridge" than it is quite like a "dish" appearance.

Chinese people's Liberation Army combat rations 06 one-man instant food "pork omelet < eat a mouthful, is indeed a ham and eggs, taste how so strange. "Clearly not pork" and "obviously not eggs", but synthetic food, very strong sense of artificial food. 30 years ago for children's science fiction comics have this setting: the 21st century human wearing a silver shiny tight clothes, carrying a laser gun, eat this kind of thing. There is a strong sense of chemicals with a kind of science fiction. Itself does not taste unpalatable, just salt and chemical seasoning together, the total shares can not tell the taste.

refreshing pickled mustard tuber". Tasty Tsatsai written in English, meaning it delicious mustard. This general selling mustard is basically the same, some reassuring. Mustard is neither greasy nor the spicy, salty obvious, light taste, bite up creak has a unique taste, very personalized. Although the taste of chemical seasoning is still very strong, but and in front of the two kinds of ratio has been considered very close to the people.

Chinese people's Liberation Army combat rations 06 one-man instant food "Mustard

Chinese people's Liberation Army combat rations 06 one-man instant food" mustard and pork omelet < last look under "energy sticks." Literally, I don't know what it is, but I can see that Bar Energy can understand. There is a similar Steamed Buns Brown chestnut face the same thing, open a look, filled with black fillings. That is, the paste?

Chinese people's Liberation Army combat rations "06 single instant food" to eat the end. I do not know why, after a tired immediately after coming in, this battle ration is really strange. Porridge (can you count?) , ham and egg rolls, hot pickled mustard tuber, drinks, bread & hellip; & hellip; looks shares of Chinese style combat rations, but everything revealed a ferocious features, so toss people try to eat really haven't met.

Chinese people's Liberation Army combat rations 06 one-man instant food "in the food < as combat rations lovers must have a side stand the bad taste of food, while also appreciate" whoops, the TM is anything (laughs)! "This similar to the M's ability to stagger pleasure. But this time if you were asked, "is it good? ", I can only silence in the inability to shake the head … …

words come back, this small piece of food rations to bring the feeling of full belly is super strong. From the point of view of digestion and absorption, the efficiency is relatively high (seemingly) the proportion of the food is quite large, from the maintenance of soldiers to the minimum physical function is still very effective. Unfortunately, with one of the very few in the world's three major cuisine, Chinese cuisine and produce rations, taste feeling quite a failure. Single soldier in

2. from hot food A

Chinese army combat rations "individual self we hot food a" < the Chinese army combat rations "individual self heat food a". Contrast before long, try to eat lightly armed simple food 06 soldier both food ", the varieties in the packaging enclosed heating agent can be sealed packaged food is heated, so" hot "refers to the enclosed heating agent of meaning. The packaging used a slightly dull OD color, this red and yellow color of the color of the stock does have the feeling of Chinese goods.

the individual self heating food with less kinds of accidents, only three ABC, the sample is A package. However, obviously is a total army combat rations, but the packaging is written on HeatingInpidualMeal - ready - to - eat - Self this letter in english. Although the accident, but more people care about is. What does this mean?

manufacturer is the naval special? Food? Ministry? Seems to be related to the navy. Can not be determined in the end is the Navy's special combat rations or naval production and then wholesale to the army used, there will be how to organize it?

Chinese army combat rations "individual self < package on the back of the hot food." a printed three menu and heating agent to use, effective date, eating the matters needing attention and so on. The effective date is 30 months after the factory. My hand is in the October 2011 production, so the validity of A.

Chinese army combat rations "individual self heat food a" < heating agent used diagrams for good understanding drawn out, so it can be roughly mastery points. To with bags of food packaging and heating agent in the water, while paying attention not to burn while every 5 minutes turned up side, continuous heating 15 minutes mean. Although there are many places do not understand, but I do not know Chinese people can probably understand its meaning, this is the Chinese character cultural circle of convenience ah.

Chinese army combat rations "individual self heat food a meal is composed of spectrum of < look again carefully, found the packaging on the top of a small hole. This hole is very tidy, so I think it should not be accidental damage, and that in the end why should open this hole? Generally speaking, in order to hang on a vertical wall to highlight the small stick on the display of the small holes, do the army will be like a convenience store snack cabinet as the preservation of food? In general the combat rations to avoid light avoid wet, so the packaging will be very tight & hellip; & hellip;

Chinese army combat rations "individual self heating food a" < packaging material is actually very simple, with a thin plastic made. And the self defense force 2 combat rations are like. Think about it, the Singapore Army rations is also this less reliable plastic film, Asian combat rations seem to be generally used in this simple package. And Europe and the United States compared to Asia, the temperature is higher, the humidity seems to be more should be better with tight packaging.

open the package, which comes out two large pieces of things. Huh? What is this? In a computer package in which the kind of thin plastic used to do the shock material inside, and a plastic bag. The original heating agent and food packaging are packed together in the beginning. That is to say, the shell and used to shock, but rather to cover insulation during heating.

Chinese army combat rations "individual from inside the hot food a" two big things < the whole package containing 2 with heating agent and plastic food packaging bag, and is written "fragrant sauce with a small bag, a spoon and a paper napkin and a written" accessory bag "in small plastic bags. The accessory bag seems to be used to water heating agent used, printed above the waterline note.

content: 2. 1. Assorted fried rice fried rice. Tissue box spoon. Hot and spicy sauce. Accessory bag

Chinese army combat rations "individual self heat food a" food < then heat up the two bags of food packaging. With two heating agent clamped food bags, back into the plastic bag, and then were to pour about accessory pocket note the rivulet position of water immediately folded bag into thermal insulation bag.

but don't feel bother to add water into the accessory bag, directly on the packaging printed on the water filling if it is better &hellip like MRE; … ". (aspects of insulation bag opaque, can not see the water; if to do so must open or transparent insulation bag, on top of this the cost of processing is not easy)

Chinese army combat rations" individual self heating food A

just inside the water poured into the water after heating agent and there is no reaction, but after a while, heard the squeak in the water, the reaction started. Internally generated gas immediately put up the outer packing bag, the kind of unique metal odor of the old rag. This is the same as MRE. By the way, this is the generation of toxic gases, so when heating needs to ensure that ventilation. Try not to use in the room.

up to 5 minutes, up and down, water enough for two bags of heating agent. And so on for 10 minutes, it is estimated that the heating agent at the end of the reaction time to remove the food package.

Chinese army combat rations "individual self heat food a" inside the heating agent < just still hard with plastic blocks as food packaging, a heating goes soft. Probably only less than a year before delivery, the heating agent is still good, take turns with two heating agent to heat is too powerful. While being careful not to burn, while the first open Stir-Fried Rice with Meat and Vegetables packaging. Feeling inside wet, fried rice displayed plate installed. Use a spoon to carefully peel

, it looks like fried rice. What is the meaning of "mixed", do not understand, rich content looks very delicious, then as soon as possible to a.

this thing is really fried rice. Eat up a sticky mouth, not greasy, taste unexpected and pleasant surprise. To package food can be preserved for a long time, cooked rice texture done quite soft, just before a meal don't expect too much, it can be said to be very satisfactory. Should be the common stock plus a small amount of fried rice cooked, in the aluminum packaging molding. Specifically, there are. Pork, dried letinous edodes, carrots, green peas. Particles are relatively large, it looks very resistant to eat.

Chinese army combat rations "individual self heat food a" fried rice < generally taste easily entrance, a bag of unexpectedly is 280 grams, but still feel to be able to make a more decisive taste good & hellip; & hellip; thought of here, suddenly forget there are small spicy sauce. Open slightly after licking the next, oh? This is a good thing. Bean sauce and hoisin sauce to add sesame oil mixed taste, maybe just can use the fried rice taste.

eyes were shining it mix into the fried rice, this delicious! Strong flavor and strong taste, and it felt like the shortcomings of what dim to wake up red rice.

this fragrant sauce, as long as the material can be easily done, use a lot of ah. Cool tofu, bean curd soup on a little bit, immediately become delicious to look like.

Chinese army combat rations "individual self heat food a" fried rice, sweet chili sauce, < p > there is a packet of is what fried rice? (observer note. Sausage fried rice, the Japanese do not know what is the sausage), literally write pig intestines what, but in the end is what, with pork fried rice?

Chinese army combat rations "individual self heat food a" sausage fried rice < full looking forward to the opening of the closure, and put it into a bowl, see sausage cut into thin slices of fried rice. Ah, the original is the meaning of pork sausage ah. < p > the so-called sausage rice is to just cook good cooked rice in Chinese style sausage (with sausage flavor of dry cured sausages) a root inserted into rice and steamed out of things. In kind (although it is only a combat rations) I was also the first time to eat.

a little excited, don't eat spicy sauce. Hey, this meal is done hard, more like fried rice than just Stir-Fried Rice with Meat and Vegetables. The taste is better, probably because the relationship between rice soaked in gravy? And a hint of soy sauce. For the Japanese, or more accustomed to eat this.

Chinese army combat rations "individual self heat food a" fried rice sausage < slice of sausage 1mm thick quite light of, but a strong smell, very sense of presence. By the way, the diameter is less than 13mm, about the same as the.50 caliber ammunition (12.7mm). Inside in addition to the sausage, and carrot and dried mushrooms, and in front of the fried rice is basically the same, but different tastes, so there is no conflict between the feeling.

Chinese army combat rations "individual self heat food a" sausage fried rice fragrant sauce < the sausage rice with just fried rice also very hot and spicy sauce. And it's really good to eat! This strong taste in Japanese cuisine is not at all. And Japanese style Chinese cuisine is not the same, in short, this is the Chinese cuisine, the feeling. Well, it's really good. China has become an economic power, but it is difficult for us to deal with this country, the country can not understand. But in eating culture, it is all very seriously.

well, Chinese army combat rations "individual self heating food tasting end A. And the previous "06 one-man instant food" after tasting body immediately collapsed and the rations in the intestines and stomach after a meal did not cause any adverse reactions, taste is also very satisfied. 280 grams package fried rice & times; 2 absolute enough, had been "06 one-man instant food" wipe the stigma that all of a sudden to wash clean. < just this meal is actually composed of two bags of rice, than MRE, SDF 2 combat rations, every meal dishes on the satisfaction seem to have some problems. To a bag is a bag of fried rice, other food. Variety is only 3, which has a rich diet culture background of Chinese army combat rations, it seems not enough.

Chinese army combat rations "individual self heat food a" all the food < SDF No. 2 rations if the side dishes are mixed into the food bag package 2, this volume almost very close. < p > compare Asia and Europe and the United States combat rations, rations in Europe and the United States in addition to the main dish, there are 2 to 3 side dishes, in addition to accelerate solution drinks and sweet, chewing gum, matches, seasonings, and even paper towels at sixes and sevens with a lot; Asian combat ration is very thin. To defend team combat rations for example although the taste is very good, but each meal or insufficient, although it seems variety but actually eat enough & hellip; & hellip; single soldier in

3. from hot food C

Chinese army combat rations "individual self hot food C < p > this is Chinese army combat rations" individual self heating food C ". The last try A package than expected good, this should also be assured to taste?

package and A package, as the back marked ABC packages, in the C options under a small check to find out exactly what is the package. "The menu type self heating shredded meat (Chinese characters should look like Stir-Fried Noodles with Vegetables)" and "90 food" compression ", fragrant sauce". Literally, first opened again.

Chinese army combat rations "individual self heating food C" on the back of the < in a package have two packs of staple food, but there is a bag. The other package is made of aluminum film packaging, as if it were a biscuit. This is the 90 compressed food? Shape and single instant food in 05 compressed food like, see for the first time, do not know how to eat. The other is

in A package that delicious fragrant sauce is also mounted on the inside, very happy. As long as there is this, even if the main course is a little bit that can be done. Like the Tabasco MRE in the U.S. role in chili sauce. < content: 1. Self hot pickled cabbage fried noodles with shredded pork and 2.90 pressure shrinking food. Incense raajan Annex 4. Bag (bag) 5. Fork, napkin

Chinese Army Combat rations "single soldier from hot food C" inside the food < open main course pack bag, and inside a package as two heating agent clip package bag of silver. The amount of enough to have 280 grams, look like to be able to control the full. < immediately with two heating agent clamped entrees bag to bag, and then with the accessory bag (bag) water poured into, and inserted into the plastic insulation bag aside. Not over 5 minutes to turn a face, heating for a total of 15 minutes.

Chinese army combat rations "individual self heat food C" inside the heating agent < take advantage of this period, open 90 compression rations. Out of the brown lump flat. Appearance with plastic film sealing, this and 05 compressed food, but the color seems to be brown, seems to be baked in a compressed block. Stripped of packaging, with a little soy sauce pancake, before the smell seems to eat snacks too.

bite on one, that is the taste. Remove the sweet pancake topped with soy sauce, and then directly compress the look. If you add a little soy sauce to add soy sauce is estimated to be almost the same flavor. < p > chewing taste similar mixed with sand creak feeling a bit strange, taste didn't eat & hellip; & hellip; is wrong, it should be said that if used to eat is not so terrible. It will not make people sick.

Chinese army combat rations "individual from hot food C" inside the compressed block < digestion absorption seems to be good, fat components estimated but also a lot of calories. Is this catchy is very consistent with the requirements of combat rations. "Since the hot shredded meat has been hot for 15 minutes Stir-Fried Noodles with Vegetables". The previous heating spray hot intense reaction, now also become honest, touch the reeky. Hurry up, pour into the dish.

bag oily contents click on the slide out, oh, is pressed into a rectangular noodles … …. Like this doesn't seem to be very good, was about to release the surface of the block, but found that about heating is not sufficient, the stiff. I spent time to boss into a Bakai, noodles. It looks like the noodles, this is Stir-Fried Noodles with Vegetables.

Chinese army combat rations "individual self heat food C" Chow Mein < Wangwang by & hellip; & hellip; but the taste is still good. The taste of Chinese food in the taste of the tyrants (a sauce) dissolved into the oil and then poured into the surface has become? (Youpo face?) In short, is very rich, but the taste is very light, presumably with vegetable oil taste but unexpected light, fried noodles rather than oil surface is more appropriate.

this has been less pliable, and ordinary soy sauce in the same plane Hand-Pulled Noodle. Natural not too may be required for noodle, if taking into account the long-term storage of packaged pasta, but can say or do well.

put the meat is quite big, enough to eat, the fiber thick feeling, is the beef? Almost no residual fat composition, solid red meat flavor, and soft to a whole, both taste is really Xiangyingchengqu. Inside everywhere is the same as undariapinnatifida potherb mustard? I thought it was a spinach, but the taste was similar to pickled mustard fiber.

Chinese army combat rations "individual self heat food C" Chow Mein < in the taste light photo ocean like greasy fried in, as long as mix a magic fragrant spices chili sauce, delicious flower immediately blossoming, China four thousand years food culture powerful place lies in this. Was originally covered by the oil taste, aroma all run out. < p > is simply at the beginning of the snow melting, from under the snow drilled coltsfoot flower stalks that "all of a sudden germination" feeling is very good. A package in two packs of staple food, corresponding to a pack of hot and spicy sauce; but C package in a pack of staple food corresponds to a pack of hot and spicy sauce, if all put into the taste is really enough stimulation.

thanks to the help of fragrant sauce, managed to eat all the delicious greasy Stir-Fried Noodles with Vegetables light. Was originally a 06 man began to eat instant food with "Chinese army combat rations is not good! "Personal tags can be completely removed.

Chinese army combat rations "individual self heat food C" Chow Mein < to China, I personally have a lot of ideas, but in combat rations can say aspect. After all, if the food culture to play the background, then, in the fight food rations will naturally come back.

China's forces combat rations "individual self heat food C" inside all the food < than consisting of two entrees, a package with compressed biscuits C set meal to eat better. Although the taste is similar to chemical seasoning, if you can not even eat the tongue will not be affected, but occasionally eat or very interesting.

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