Foreign capital to step up the pace of Shanghai shares through 6 net inflow of nearly 6 billion yuan

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zhongguojingjiwang· 2016-07-20 09:12:00

trainee reporter Du Yumeng

although yesterday's A-share market is still a continuation of the pattern of shock consolidation, but the Shanghai shares through the net inflow of funds is still in the situation. At the close, Shanghai shares through the net inflow of 750 million yuan, the remaining amount of 12 billion 250 million yuan, accounting for 94%. So far, Shanghai shares through 6 consecutive trading days to achieve a net inflow.

review last week can be found through the Shanghai stock funds continuous net inflow of 12, the net inflow of 1 billion 593 million yuan, 13, the net inflow of 1 billion 814 million yuan, 14, the net inflow of 557 million yuan, 15, the net inflow of 743 million yuan, 16, the net inflow of 453 million yuan, as of yesterday, the Shanghai shares through the cumulative net inflow of 5 billion 910 million yuan.

Li Daxiao Ying Tai Securities chief economist "Securities Daily" in an interview with reporters, since Britain announced results from Europe, the global bond market yields down sharply, and stumble endlessly in the bond market yields is making this part of the funds into the stock market, in the meantime, the Dow, S & P and the UK stock market highs. This is also one of the reasons for the recent foreign investment continued to enter the A-share market A. Analysis of

lidaxiao said, the current A stock market valuation of blue chips in the global low range, and there will be a follow-up to a series of favorable factors such as monetary policy is gradually fulfilled, more relaxed, more active fiscal policy, through the opening of Hong Kong, pensions and other long-term capital market in succession and so on, these policies will actively support the formation of A stock market.

(Du Yumeng)

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