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" think of the distant future when you are confused."

chi   "line-height: 1.75em; Alibaba listed will be in addition to Ma on China's richest man,   also let Sun Zhengyi and his Softbank (SoftBank) in Chinese became known to every family. Style= margin-bottom: "20px

2000 Sun Zhengyi in 6 minutes to make a $20 million investment in the Alibaba to Ma Yun's decision. This $20 million investment has now increased to $64 billion, Ali investment has become the most well-known Softbank investment case.

Softbank did not stop there:"

2016 "in June 11th, Softbank announced Alibaba shares sold for $7 billion 900 million to hold, and the next day announced the sale of Alibaba's total equity increased to $8 billion 900 million, and to the third day, this figure has risen to $10 billion.

2016 "in June 5th, Softbank and sell holdings owned by Mobile Games company GungHo $685 million in shares.

2016 "in June 21st, Softbank announced that all the shares of Finland Mobile Games company Supercell's sale to Tencent for $7 billion 300 million.

after obtaining a large amount of cash, Softbank finally thrown out of the own ultimate, July 18, 2016, Softbank and British chip giant ARM announced that Softbank will be 24 billion 300 million pounds ($32 billion) the price of the acquisition of ARM, the price is more than the previous Microsoft $26 billion 200 million acquisition the price of LinkedIn, become this year the largest amount of acquisition.

so that only 1.5 meters tall Japanese men, once again standing on the world stage.

then things got Zhi Sun Zhengyi in April 30, 2015 speech wealth management center Graduate School of Tsinghua Shenzhen, together with you to experience between the lines from his superior insight behind the standing on top of the world a small man with profound insight.

the following is the text of the speech of Sun Zhengyi:"

here, everybody is good. I'm Sun Zhengyi from Softbank, please exhibitions.

" challenge to the world, this is what I expect of our company, you gathered here today have worked for companies active in the world market, are also very ambitious people.


especially recently, Japan's home appliance industry continued and deficit battle. I think the reason is that the action is too slow digitization. Just assembling the parts, it's just electronic. Japanese manufacturing hardware is very thin, low failure rate, this is Japan's pass on the craft, which is also facing the problem of inadequate digitization.

integration of software and hardware to make sure to utilize the cloud and big data, it must be actively engaged in digital.

" challenge to the world, I want this as today's topic, starting with my own, this year we Softbank will further challenge to the world, we have begun the acquisition of U.S. Sprint, we are very uneasy, there are many differences of opinion, there are many twists and turns, although the purchase price is slightly higher, but eventually completed the acquisition. Style= margin-bottom: "20px line-height:; 1.75em

so, do this transaction or plan for the future and we will Sprint you, Softbank's fold, can get what? Although Softbank presence in the world and many, but Sprint has 30 locations around the world, with a network connection of 165 countries. For an active market in the world, or is the future of you who have this plan, Softbank - Sprint coalition can help you, the United States ranked third at Sprint under the command of our coalition can realize the ambition in the world. Style= margin-bottom: "20px line-height:; 1.75em


" confused when considering the distant future "

I was almost 3 years ago, put forward Softbank "30 year vision". The first time put forward the "30 year vision", entrepreneurship is when I first held the company early, except me company employs only 2 people, in the morning I would say almost half an hour's vision for the future, two employees have open eyes to listen, feel that they are in a strange the company, after two weeks in the past 2 people quit.

for a long speech describing the vision of the company, employees will leave psychological shadow, so I put the seal in the heart of the vision. After 30 years of entrepreneurship, I once again put this issue in front of staff, the 30 years since the king is willing to say it out. Style= margin-bottom: "20px line-height:; 1.75em

a start, I lost in the "30 years will be how" this problem, but the more confused the more you want to look at the distance, the more you can see the future of the torrent. We consider the longer-term, thoroughly consider life, society and technology after 300 years of human evolution, spent about a year gathering domestic and foreign intelligence to consider this issue, today roughly talk about some of them.

SCM is made of transistors, transistors close and separate, forming a current, brain cells and nerve cells near the separated from the memory and thinking, which is 2 m, with a weak current memory and thinking. Transistors are binary, and brain cells and computer chips are all the same. It is concluded that, in about 20 years ago, the number of human brain cells is 3 billion, in accordance with the binary there are 30 billion combinations. 30 billion, when the number of transistors in the single chip can exceed this number, if we count the words, the answer is 2018. Style=

from now on 2000 the number of brain cells will not change, while the number of transistors on a single chip in 2018 will exceed the human brain, we try to think of what would happen after 30 years, after 30 years in 2018 after a further 300 years, think of. 300 years later, the 60 party is 10 times, far more than the number of brain cells, so far is the human life on the earth by working brain cells in the largest number, and have functions beyond the power of human beings, is a single chip.


we believe that trouble, imagination, creation is the privilege of mankind, the computer will have the ability of self-study, computer programming own era will come in the future of the world. World will be like science fiction, the computer will be born brain structure can be more than human keen insight and invention, equipped with the computer robot will be more than human, and their coexistence is not no future, I believe that humans and robots can coexist excellent happy.

now that the human race can not give up areas like disaster relief, medical care, education, etc., can be equipped with a computer brain structure of the robot to help.

from engaged in telecommunications industry's view, excellent computer wireless network connection, to the brain through the exchange chip and only in the human brain thinking can communicate with each other, just as telepathy.

30 years ago, the mobile phone has not yet appeared, I thought the same as today's intelligent machines, usually carry a machine, the latest wearable devices, such as watches, glasses have also emerged.

in addition, health care will be greatly improved, the average life expectancy of 200 years old era will come, life expectancy of 300 years ago is 35 years old, the majority of people because of the war and disease early death. 300 years after the average life expectancy is 200 years old, 70~80 years old will be said to be young, the next more imagined closer to science fiction, full of philosophy, religion and so on the topic of debate.

but while imagining the world 300 years later, while after the troubles, consider again 30 years later this topic, basically will feel boring and the world is behoove. Will people think this degree is behoove "when discussing 300 years after the robot is equipped with a computer brain structure, people's opinions varied, with something 30 years later than it seems too common, does not talk, but the key issue in this behoove after 30 years.

the first is the" information explosion ", for example, we imagine that 30 years after the iPhone, and now dating the same price of the CPU is now 1 million times.

although I do not know that time, iPhone still exists or not, but the average intelligent machine memory capacity after 30 years will be 1 million times now, the communication speed is 3 million times. Style= margin-bottom: "20px line-height:; 1.75em

100 million times what is the concept, it is loaded into the human brain 100 thousand times the transistor. Style= margin-bottom: "20px line-height:; 1.75em

2018 years after the computer will be more than the human brain, 30 years later is far more than this, it can be put into 500 billion songs, 350 million years of newspapers. Such "super smart" in the future will appear, such as the end of the local processing capacity has been so, how will the cloud? It has a completely different communication speeds up to now, 3 million times, the connection speed between the local and the cloud is almost negligible, infinite cloud will greatly broaden the earth will change people's way of life.


"cloud will become humanity's greatest asset"

all will become the life the record is stored in the cloud. Real time translation glasses 30 years ago made a patent, of course, far ahead of Google glasses, the future of cloud technology, in the communication of the moment to complete automatic translation will become a matter of course. Education, of course, will be greatly evolved, the world's children can speak with children around the world, the language barrier can also be automatically translated. Health care will also be developed to a high level, whether you live in a desert island or live in the desert, but also to accept the world's most cutting-edge medical services. Work will also evolve, can instantly connect many things, the production efficiency is greatly improved...... Cloud will become the largest human asset.

Softbank also began to cloud up as the biggest asset utilization, cloud and big data are mixed to form a more useful form of marketing services, to solve the problem. Softbank first start from their own, use big data, to solve their own problems. First, to improve the signal, in order to better serve Softbank users, we make a better signal to the base station to establish a more efficient.

we made a world first, independent spent 1 months time, a collection of 7.5 pieces of data, the data obtained from the intelligent machines App and analysis, improve the network user. Where, when, how many times the user access network, and even on the no...... We conducted a variety of analysis, but also the analysis of the user's connection status of competitors. This is the first time in the world, where people will do what kind of action, Friday's 18 points to 10 points on Sunday to do what...... All with data analysis. Style=

another example of utilizing big data, before we started doing that, the user can actually feel the improvement in the signal, we through large data analysis tweets to grasp.


popular mobile devices is just a start "

Softbank also with cloud technology in work on the way, to make the change. IPhone has been introduced for 4 or 5 years, we give all employees are equipped with a iPad came out, but also to all people with, can carry the full connection of the cloud, the benefits of growth is not a matter of chance, for the future of the cloud, do not utilize iPhone is not enough, we can no matter when and where all kinds of work, but also through Gmail Cloud e-mail, and various reports have Cloud.

is not only us, and we also utilize these cooperative enterprise. On the JR with the 7000 iPad mini, no matter when and where you can read your favorite content, pharmaceutical companies provide doctors using video information, Misawa home (Real Estate Company) project management, using iPad three and shutter also introduced 1400 iPad at work, using video and other means, so that people can actually switch gate experience the speed.

Softbank Corp has been implemented within the paperless, do not have a printer, in addition to the contract documents and files to the government, has been fully paperless, and also met with the video presentation, the company has specialized in making video team, presentation also changed the way. Use Apps Google to negotiate around the world...... Style=

challenge to the world, we see the new scenery, is not to challenge the scenery can not see. Now let us continue our journey, is actively digitizing business, let us continue to challenge the information revolution, the world of work will be a big change. Style= margin-bottom: "20px line-height:; 1.75em

things change

UAV report VR game company state


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