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Joseph Cheng the godfather fit Chen Xiao

fenghuangyule· 2016-07-20 13:41:28

Ariel Lin Joseph Cheng

Phoenix Entertainment News July 19th Joseph Cheng Chen Xiao aired their wedding photos in micro-blog. One look at the photos in the past almost all Ariel Lin. Even the users in the comments below "people get married you put a glance in the past is full of Ariel Ariel Ariel", "9 pieces of Figure 5 are Ariel Lin", "forgive my eyes only Naoki Xiang qin".

Joseph Cheng

"Joseph Cheng wrote in the screenshot micro-blog micro-blog today feel your happiness, very touched, forever happy happy couple wishes chen. Chen Yisan in the stomach, I first make an appointment to be dry dad ROM ~ the future there are Chen Yisi, five or six. "

friends wrote," you also want to be happy ~ "" blessing! Happy wedding! Also hope that the eldest brother as soon as possible to find his own Xiang qin".

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