Red rice Pro configuration exposure: ten core + Dual Camera

Processor red rice configuration camera

ITzhijia· 2016-07-20 14:56:10

7 Sept. 20, millet has identified the new conference will be held in Beijing in July 27th, officially launched the new red rice Pro mobile phone, the machine by Wu Xiubo, Liu Shishi, and Liu Haoran endorsement, known as the new generation of national mobile phone. Not long ago, the spokesman Wu Xiubo suggested that the red rice Pro will be equipped with OLED screen, and now, the official picture from the millet revealed the machine more details.

and Wu Xiubo suggested that the same way, the other two mobile phone red rice Pro spokesperson Liu Shishi and Liu Haoran @ @ through a dish that red rice Pro other configuration respectively, in which Liu Shishi's dishes are "ten nuclear double stem head", suggesting that red rice Pro will be equipped with ten core processor, and rear dual camera, while Liu Haoran's taste is "Laskine potato", it should be that the red rice Pro the body will use metal wire drawing process.

for a mobile phone red rice, even Pro, to have such a configuration, believe that the price should be high, although the price of red rice Pro is not clear, but according to the overall positioning of mobile phone red rice, red rice Pro estimation the price may be 1000 yuan to 1500 yuan.

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