Official exposure: red rice Pro will be equipped with OLED screen

Screen red rice Wu Xiubo Samsung

ITzhijia· 2016-07-20 14:56:56

7 Sept. 20, millet has identified the new conference will be held in Beijing in July 27th, officially launched the new red rice Pro mobile phone, the machine by Wu Xiubo, Liu Shishi, and Liu Haoran endorsement, known as the new generation of national mobile phone.

this morning, red rice mobile phone administrative micro-blog released a promotional video, one of the spokesperson Wu Xiubo photographed about French dessert, seem to have nothing to do with mobile phone, but at the end of the video was "OLED PING" pop-up subtitles, this is very difficult not to think of the OLED screen, that is to say, Pro will use OLED screen mobile phone red rice.

coincidentally, shortly before the house of IT also reported that Samsung executives meet Lei Jun, the intention is also directed at Samsung OLED screen, it is not difficult to speculate, we almost certainly red Pro will be equipped with OLED screen.

video : click here to watch

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