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Furnace stone Android hand travel MoBa

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life on the game, the game on the fun. Every night at 7, Meng Meng Da sister paper you play the game "7 point" [

] - first a good news. The day before, the gaming application to join the Olympic Games, or as the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020. Does this mean that I can see CS, CF or any other MOBA games in the Olympic Games right away? As early as 08 years, the electronic athletics is classified as a sport, which is recognized as a sport. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" now it will enter the Olympic Games, have the opportunity to receive government support and investment. But things are not that simple, let the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to a certification program for sports is complex, Lu Long Xi ~

21 on the, Blizzard weakens the hearthstone, a total of 12 cards, K God kolento in the live event expressed his views on the changes: now most is not available.. You see, the weakening of the ancient trees makes this card almost not available. The force of nature weakened and became a bad card. Blade Flurry this card is almost not available, 4 fee? What? No, I didn't cry... You're crying, don't say it! This card of 2 lepers reduced to 1? Extremely unreasonable, I think I will put the 1/1 on the field no matter. < p > comments from K God can see, Blizzard Baba you win ~ weaken the old card is in order to allow players to buy new cards, we all know, ha ha ~ until the new deck is developed is still a thousand at a rate. Do not believe it, in April 27th, "the legend of the furnace stone" the latest expansion pack "the ancient god of the word" on the line must come to see. Class= img_box "

is always looking forward to the new! "Monument Valley" developers VR new "forgotten margin" officially released, first of all you have to have a Samsung mobile phone and GearVR. This is a VR game, soft texture and elegant picture ~

but games of this supports only thousands of yuan of Samsung gear VR equipment, and gear VR also only supports Samsung Galaxy note high-end 4, Galaxy S6, S6 EDG such as mobile phone, the cost is a little big ~

Apple pay, millet pay! Lei Jun revealed that micro-blog reached a cooperation with China UnionPay, will be based on the joint design of millet mobile phone launched NFC mobile payment. Before rice 3, 5 meters can use the cup "cloud flash pay" HCE, this simply to engage in their own millet pay~ pay before you want to see the ads? Ha ha ~

think of a joke, built a gas station abroad, next to build a hotel with the construction of shopping malls, are very profitable. Domestic, one eye look where all the gas stations, it looks very lively, but the Zha have kind wolidou feeling ~

this picture quality also is very moving, the Japanese style RPG strategy new the relics chronicle open network financing. The lower down

is expected to launch in 2017. Allow me to say a true word, the picture of the pixel, the public may not be too easy to raise! But since the picture becomes pixel type, it will make screen time and money expansion to the game content, should still have hope ~

Sega "Football Manager Beta ol", the game screen is also good. Half a month before the Games held test does not delete files, do not know all the managers on the pitch have achieved what results? Whether the harvest of the worship of stars?? < in the April 26 beta version, players can in addition to experience previously does not delete files in the content, will also feel UI2.0 and most high-end events -- World Tour, traveled across the Indian Ocean, and in Asia, Europe and Oceania Club contest! Our green field see ~

SE recent face will, announced the "Final Fantasy 15" CG movie on July 9, released, the justice monsters five, "the of linkage in the hands of the tour next week landing the Android platform. Elmar, SE are you so confident? The game has not come out, CG movies and hand travel ready... < p > in addition, will be mentioned on the final fantasy 15 pre: Although nine months before the sale, but a predetermined amount is higher than expected, the official will increase 1 million copies of the game's Ultimate Collector's edition in Japan ~ popularity lever drops ~

"content img P" game addicts often bring health hazards. Recently, Chongqing Yubei online game player in 16 hours, the sleepy driving in a car accident. One day after the game fans long playing the game, tired of driving delivery, and finally lead to a car accident.

Hubei Huanggang Wuxue coincidentally, addicted to the Internet with pulmonary tuberculosis, lung rotten hole. The doctor diagnosed Wang Lung has rotten out of an egg big hole, was born to be a "eat" of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Internet cafes and airtight environment is harboring bacteria, to the body to ~

finally, nature is the atlas ~ send welfare well-known South Korean COS group screw cat latest - Warcraft 7 grand chief Hill Vanasse" img_box "~

Hu Ge endorsement" Westward Journey ", Fei Jianxia, offering three other group, Xiaoyao sword announced, cool ~

what the" 7 point "? Is the interest to engage in small Sao years, purpose of his disgusting, entertaining others sincerely, record the interest to engage in a wonderful day, offer the new travel hodgepodge.


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