After the launch of the MX6 scripts are not calm

Meizu scripts conference business

leikeji· 2016-07-20 14:57:30

Meizu MX 6 has just ended, micro-blog know, Post Bar have raged, the hand piece have tucao. Ray technology (public No.: leitech) compiled some network scripts, for everyone to laugh and play. Micro-blog

users get scripts machine engaged in the South:

# Meizu MX6# Meizu conference female anchors. Business with a friend. Class= img_box "

" stop endlessly:

Meizu mx6, Meizu pro6, silly points not clear.


song song song Meizu MX6 Charm Blue Note3 real machine making contrast ~ (innocently tell...) "

and Y:

# Meizu MX6# conference and the official blog is the maximum brightness of 500 nits, is the official website of the peak brightness of 450 nits.

Post Bar the piece of latitude 41 degrees:

performance not by faith can make up, the price is. The access system of


is obviously a difficult 7 nuclear, nuclear nuclear two onlookers, like "img_box

sun Dongyang:

red rice NotePro out next week as PA punch in the face.

I love 520 happy:

Meizu MX6: I ten nuclear processor!

millet 5: I use Xiaolong 820.

Meizu MX6: my camera exclusive custom!

Meizu MX6: I am the first camera um aperture maximum!

Meizu MX6: I can WeChat fingerprint payment!

Meizu MX6: I charge fast call time is long!

: you said that in addition to the Meizu MX6 Xiaolong 820 will say anything else?

millet 5: I also 1999 yuan.

know the piece

anonymous user:

technology, the shells are not changed.

Chen Xiaoxian:

pro5 will once again usher in peak sales.

Liu Xingqiao:

I have a sense of the 12306 validation gallery will usher in the history of the highest degree of difficulty of an update. From the above

scripts are great friends.

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