Oil price war in the end who won?

Price war oil income financing

huaerjiejianwen· 2016-07-20 16:09:32

since January this year, the oil price has risen more than 50%, this is undoubtedly good news for the American shale oil producers, shale oil producers in the United States back to the United States mining project. Previous oil price war haze as if already in the past, perhaps the price war to draw as final.

according to Reuters data show that in the United States the most abundant oil production area, Bacon (Bakken), Permian Basin (Permian Basin), a new oil production decline has slowed down, which means that manufacturers to maintain production of new wells mining the pressure will be eased, so the money demand will slow. The number of oil drilling platforms has since started to rise in May this year, if oil prices are stable at 50 U.S. dollars / barrel level, the number of new oil drilling platform will continue to grow.

financing problem has been the United States in the heart of the shale oil market. At present, the number of bond sales fell to the lowest level of American independent energy company for nearly ten years, and the market for new energy projects to invest more funds with profound respect and humility. Despite expectations of higher oil prices, these projects have a promising future.

but the problem of financing has also brought new ideas for business transformation. since the decline in oil prices since many oil giants such as Exxon Mobil (Exxon) and Chevron (Chevron), are reviewed in the overseas, or a circle of the oil project, will look back to the United States in cheaper and more convenient mining projects. in addition, according to the Norway energy consulting firm Energy Rystad forecast, compared to Russia and Saudi Arabia, the United States more oil reserves of the United states.

oil price war ending

the war could eventually well-matched in strength, eventually ended in a draw. Although

really hurt Saudi American competitors, but also a serious blow to the global oil market. despite its success in keeping its global oil market share, but also with a huge cost of diluted profits.

in fact, the real problem is not the success of Saudi Arabia long suppressed the price of oil, but whether can not damage their financial and social stability, to realize this point and other national interests under OPEC.

Saudi Arabia since the "vision 2030" has been published, stepping up the pace of the oil industry to find new economic growth point, in order to achieve the diversification of investment. Also made a massive attempt to include large investment Uber, but had to admit that the current level of financial income is still relatively high degree of dependence on oil.

and the U.S. shale oil producers rally, and further reduce production costs, improve production efficiency, change the business ideas, it is difficult to say who is the real winner of the oil war.

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