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Winrate dragon sky legend

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is mainly introduced in my own group a dragon. That is the Dragon thief, actually took the train of the king of the blue dragon thief (I won't say is to put the orange into a card group.). However, there are some differences with the general Blue Dragon thief play.

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Hello, first issued, this month is the eighth consecutive month on the hearthstone legend, also played for two years, so a share to everyone, especially to the legend the work of the party, and we hope more exchanges to

this is mainly about my own group a dragon. That is the Dragon thief, actually took the train of the king of the blue dragon thief (I won't say is to put the orange into a card group.). However, there are some differences with the general Blue Dragon thief play. The first post card group

I love is a thief is this game player, also for the third time with the legend of thieves. A thief can feel the blue dragon, the second person of pleasure, can grab the mid die opposite, can even train Wang Sanjin three other dead opposite, can be said to be very fun.

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on winning, I work as party a day to play less than 10 sets down on Sunday in a run of seven consecutive wins on the legend, winning in about 70%, can be said.

about the game, the first thing to say is I can deal with this deck to deck is now all the major Zhanke dragon war speed hunting zoo technology de shaman, so the card group still can. Because the train Helan King Dragon, it can often be two beheaded, such as the first under the blue dragon call across the face, then the second round train King beheaded, playing an opponent be taken by surprise.

: Dragon Warrior: the balance of power, in addition to the dragon station burnt, more difficult to deal with 8 for Ross and 10 for big brother, if found across a card always pinch in the hands of the field, it is necessary to carefully shop. For Ross basic can only be seen as invisible...

grams of War: the advantage, basic is to blame on the cards, 30 cards to play 20 pieces of the level of output and then beheaded. Need to pay attention to is that Gemini can solve a stuffy one, pay attention to not stuffy fault.

: the zoo, is almost in a fight on the hands, hands can backstab seven knife in the iron fan, a big fan can keep waiting for an opportunity to go, 4 basic fee can win scene balance not lose the basic.

medium Hunter: balance, find sap, backstab, in seven, do not pay attention to early robbed too much blood, controlled the scene, big blue dragon preparation fan can stay well on sambo. By the mid SAP snatch advantages must be robbed of blood, or easy to be shot sambo. The last is not to make a big fan, the hunter solution of large fan is too easy...

technology, the balance of power, only to lose his hands, silly Ross dragon, but often be these two things shot off, do not know is my black face or something.

shaman, inferior to superior, now the shaman mostly mixed, face, is not so fast, pure speed and few, so we say together. The shaman, fast we disadvantage, relatively slow to our advantage, we must get the blood quickly, and less harm, like what the silver followers, when the boring are boring, we execute line is very high, as soon as possible to kill the opposite. Leave card words or backstab in seven Heitie SAP can leave a 77.

ps: all of the above game in your technology than the opposite winning plus 20%, when you drop 20% technology is better than the opposite.

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several disadvantages on the gameplay experience, focus, cold-blooded, miracle thieves, T6 thief, slave war basic hard hit. For the new out of the war, but also did not know how to do not know.

hearthstone is indeed a technical content is not so high, one of the reasons is hearthstone always exists like Buddha dragon hunting card group ride speed this war did not need technology, but even these card group also can reflect the level of the game player. Especially when the landlord to play with this set of thieves can obviously feel the pressure of the opponent to the gap. This deck can be said to be the landlord played the most stable and do not see the face of the card group. If you want to exercise your play the thief technology, this deck is definitely a good choice.

is behind some of my hearthstone experience:

1, JJC is a good way to exercise technology, and is the best party nibbling nibbling zero micro fortune

2, is the most basic practice zoo card technology,

3, no one beat cancer and into them, because cancer is needed technology the understanding, in order to better curb their cancer after.

4, lost half a day after the play immediately off the assembly line,

I'm not really master, so far the best is the legend of 110, the estimated future is hard into the top 100. But I always think that there is a technical content of the furnace stone, think how to fight, less attributed to luck, always on the legendary ~

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